Cone Beam CT – a better option than just an OPG

Cone Beam CT – a better option than just an OPG

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Dental imaging plays a crucial role in providing accurate diagnosis and treatment planning for patients. Traditional dental imaging techniques like panoramic radiography (OPG) have been used for decades to capture a two-dimensional image of the teeth and surrounding structures. However, with the invention of Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT), dental practitioners can now obtain more comprehensive, three-dimensional images with greater accuracy and clarity.

Investing in a CBCT system makes a lot of sense rather than relying solely on images produced by OPG’s.  As the dental industry advances, quality and quantity of service will be the differentiating factor in determining the success of a practice.  A quality CBCT machine allows you to provide better care to patients.

Higher Quality Images

One of the most significant benefits of using CBCT over OPG is the quality of the images produced. CBCT uses a cone-shaped beam of X-rays to capture multiple images of the teeth and surrounding structures from different angles. These images are then processed by advanced software to create a three-dimensional model of the patient's mouth, providing a detailed view of the teeth, jawbones, and soft tissues.

NewTom GiANO HR DC Cone Beam CT (CBCT) image in FOV 16 x 18cm
FOV 16 x 18cm - Diagnosis of the entire dental-maxillofacial region to precisely plan surgery 

In contrast, OPG only captures a two-dimensional image of the teeth and surrounding structures. So, it’s limited in its ability to provide a detailed view of the teeth and surrounding tissues. This limitation can lead to inaccuracies.

Better Diagnostics

Because CBCT provides a more comprehensive view of the teeth and surrounding tissues, it allows for more accurate diagnoses. With CBCT, dental practitioners can identify conditions that may not be visible on OPG, such as bone defects, cysts, and tumours. This level of detail allows for more precise treatment planning, resulting in better outcomes for patients.

Improved Treatment Planning

As already mentioned, a more detailed view of the teeth and surrounding tissues, helps in the planning of complex dental procedures. For example, when placing dental implants, CBCT can help identify the optimal location for the implant, ensuring a better fit and improving the overall success rate.

Cross sections in panoramic images - complete view of the dental arches

Reduced Radiation Exposure

While both OPG and CBCT use X-rays, CBCT uses a lower radiation dose than traditional CT scans. This reduced radiation exposure makes CBCT a safer option for patients, particularly for those who require multiple scans.  And some CBCT’s such as NewTom’s range have proprietary technology, SAFEBEAM™, that automatically adapts the radiated dose to the patient’s build, reducing the possibility of an unnecessarily high dose.

Partial dental scan of semi-arches allows considerably lower radiated dose
FOV 6 x 6cm - ideal for sectional view along dental arch.  Partial scan of the individual semi-arches allows to considerably reduce the radiated dose.

Competitive Advantage

Investing in a CBCT system can provide a competitive advantage for dental practices because it supports better diagnoses and treatment planning. Increased patient satisfaction and resulting referrals ultimately leads to business growth.

NewTom are pioneers of dental CBCT technology and manufacture the latest CBCT systems

In conclusion, investing in a Cone Beam CT system is a better option than relying solely on OPG for dental imaging. CBCT offers higher quality images, better diagnostics, improved treatment planning, reduced radiation exposure, and a competitive advantage for dental practices. By investing in CBCT, dental practitioners can provide better care to their patients, leading to better outcomes and overall business growth.

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