Medical Imaging Solutions

Medical imaging solutions facilitating more accurate patient assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

Inline offers a range of medical imaging solutions, and the most advanced Cone Beam CT systems on the market, servicing hospitals, medical & radiology clinics and private practices. 

This technology accurately captures detailed 3D images gaining an in-depth understanding of the overall clinical picture, enhancing diagnostic capacity while optimising analysis of patient treatment outcomes. And all at low dosages and lower costs compared to conventional procedures.

Clinical applications include maxillofacial, orthopedics, musculoskeletal, ENT and dentistry.

Compact, reliable, high performance and affordable diagnostic assessment solutions.

Our portfolio of imaging products offers unlimited diagnostic potential and can be tailored to suit your space and budget. 
High resolution imaging captures the smallest detail meaning more accurate diagnosis and treatment plans. 

Other benefits include:
• Low radiation doses for patient protection • Adjustable based on actual diagnostic needs
• Many fields of application • Faster scan time • Easy to use
• Versatile and updatable devices • Consistently outstanding image quality


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