Dental Imaging Solutions

Intuitive dental diagnostics enable dental clinics to increase care capacity without raising costs.

Having an OPG and/or Cone Beam CT as part of your dental clinic ensures you are offering the highest quality care for your patients.  Detailed dental imaging with the best technologically advanced diagnostic equipment on the market allows you to capture a wide range of 2D and 3D examinations, facilitating diagnoses concerning either complete or partial dentition, single dental arches, and all maxillofacial regions.  

Detailed image capture is immediate, accuracy of diagnosis, analysis, discussion and treatment plan time is significantly reduced along with the opportunity to recognise the benefits of preventative measures that may not have been apparent with more traditional, lower resolution image capture technology. And so the return on your investment in our imaging technology is directly and immediately apparent.   

Inline offers a range of both extra and intraoral systems, innovative solutions for general dentists through to orthodontists and specialists and tailors each system to each dental practice’ size and budget.

Diagnostic assessment solutions that help orthodontists accurately diagnose patient dental irregularities faster.

CBCT brings specific and unique diagnostic benefits in orthodontics. The 3D allows the complete visualisation of impacted teeth, roots and adjacent teeth providing a thorough assessment of anomalies in dental position, as well as information on the stage of dental development.

Expand your diagnostic imaging range with extremely detailed ultra-high-quality images in 2D and 3D, performance in every situation, coupled with the assurance of:
• Low-dose protocols, SafeBeam™ technology and servo-assisted alignment that always ensure low radiation doses for patient protection
• Powerful imaging software with specialist interfaces and tools, user-friendly workflows and online assistance
• Guided positioning and ultra-rapid scans ensure accurate examinations with one simple step
• Rapid, tailored and expert installation so instantly ready to use


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