Veterinary Imaging Solutions

Enabling veterinary clinics better diagnose and treat animals with greater efficiency and flexibility.

Veterinary medicine today offers new opportunities for growth and the quality of diagnostic veterinary imaging can make a difference in what you’re able to offer and achieve.  Having a high resolution and efficient veterinary x-ray device is arguably the most valuable diagnostic imaging tool for veterinary clinics as it:

• Raises diagnostic confidence
• Allows for immediate diagnosis and treatment rather than using an off-site specialist
• Enhances clinical services and reputation for excellence
• Provides better patient care
• And thus improves overall financial performance

Diagnostic scan tools are also available in portable options. Treat more variety of patients and enable them to benefit from a full range of diagnostic care.  Whether it’s at your vet clinic or off-site, have the flexibility to move with your X-ray to treat in your practice or in the field. 

Veterinarians can now capture, diagnose and share diagnostic imagery easily.

Diagnostic imaging plays a crucial role in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease in veterinary medicine, helping vets diagnose and treat a vast array of conditions that proved more difficult before.  Our imaging technology is the most advanced on the market, yet our systems are very easy to use with superior quality images captured and displayed in seconds.  Share with specialists for conferral and agree on treatment plans without the patient having to leave your veterinary clinic.   

This innovative technology continues to widen our diagnostic approach, provides more informed diagnosis, dramatically improves workflows and productivity, and ensures you provide the highest standard of pet care enhancing your reputation for clinical excellence.


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