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OPG - NewTom GO

NewTom GO

NewTom GO is a new-concept technological device designed for dental practices that require an easy-to-use, innovative, reliable product that guarantees only the very best diagnostic results.

The NewTom GO advantage:

  • The smallest footprint of any OPG, wall mountable, with a simple quick installation – will fit into any practice.
  • Self-adaptive focusing and filters deliver always-perfect diagnostic results.
  • The ECO-PAN protocol and SafeBeam™ technology ensures minimal dose to the patient for the optimal image resolution.
  • Simple, ultra-fast scanning at the touch of a button – can even be operated from an iPad.

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Perfect Positioning
Three lasers trace the reference lines for the area of interest and large mirror in front of patient for full view from every angle.

Ultra-fast Scanning
The device can complete scans in just 6.6 seconds, achieving minimum patient exposure.

In-depth Clinical Investigation
NewTom GO adapts to all the different needs of a surgery by providing a selection of 18 programs.

Choice of Multiple Images
MultiPan can create a set of five different panoramic images with one scan, so the user can choose the most-suitable view.

SafeBeam™ Technology
The ultra-performance NewTom solution automatically adapts exposure according to the anatomical dimensions of the patient, eliminating any risk of overestimated dosage.

NNT Software: Increased Connectivity
The NewTom GO can be remotely controlled with an iPad and is compatible with all dental software programs.

A few sample images can be seen below showing the clarity and resolution available from the Newtom GO.

2D Images

X-ray Generator




File 1 Technical Brochure – NewTom Go

File 2 Product Sheet – NewTom GO