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Now upgradable to CEPH!

NewTom GO is a new-concept technological device designed for dental practices that require an easy-to-use, innovative, reliable product that guarantees only the very best diagnostic results.

The NewTom GO advantage:

  • The smallest footprint of any OPG with a simple quick installation – will fit into any practice.
  • Self-adaptive focusing and filters deliver always-perfect diagnostic results.
  • The ECO-PAN protocol and SafeBeam™ technology ensures minimal dose to the patient for the optimal image resolution.
  • Simple, ultra-fast scanning at the touch of a button – can even be operated from an iPad.

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Perfect Positioning
Three lasers trace the reference lines for the area of interest and large mirror in front of patient for full view from every angle.

Ultra-fast Scanning
The device can complete scans in just 6.6 seconds, achieving minimum patient exposure.

In-depth Clinical Investigation
NewTom GO adapts to all the different needs of a surgery by providing a selection of 18 programs.

Choice of Multiple Images
MultiPan can create a set of five different panoramic images with one scan, so the user can choose the most-suitable view.

SafeBeam™ Technology
The ultra-performance NewTom solution automatically adapts exposure according to the anatomical dimensions of the patient, eliminating any risk of overestimated dosage.

NNT Software: Increased Connectivity
The NewTom GO can be remotely controlled with an iPad and is compatible with all dental software programs.


A few sample images can be seen below showing the clarity and resolution available from the Newtom GO.

The optional integration of the teleradiographic arm extends the diagnostic capacity of GO 2D to cephalometric examinations. The compact arm, complete with dedicated CEPH sensor, has long and short head support rods to make positioning of adults and children easier. Collimation systems and fast scans minimise X-ray doses.

The cephalometric exam collimation system is based on automatic movement of the turret, which rotates and lowers the sensor, creating an opening for the X-rays directed at the 2D sensor on the teleradiographic arm.

2D Images
TypePAN: adult (standard and eco), child, bitewings dentition
SIN: Maxillary sinuses PA and LL (right and left)
TMJ: Temporomandibular joint (2 x LL +2 x PA) open and closed mouth
Patient alignment3 laser guides
Sensor technologyCMOS (CSI)
DimensionPAN standard 15 cm x 28 cm
Image file sizeMax 7.5 MB
Image resolution5 to 7 lpmm
Dynamic range14 bit (16383 grey levels)
Enlargement1.25 (± 0.05)
Exposure timePAN 6.6 - 12 s
Typically effective dose (ICRP 103)PAN (6.7 μSv)
X-Ray Generator
Type of generatorConstant potential (DC)
Anode voltage60 kV – 85 kV (step 1kV)
Anode current4 mA - 15 mA
Focal spot0.5 mm (IEC 60336)
Inherent filtration> 2.5 mm Al eq. (at 85 kV)
Exposure controlAutomatic. SafeBeam™ technology
Voltage | Frequency115 - 240 Vac, ± 10% single phase | 50 / 60 Hz ± 2 Hz
Maximum current temporary peak absorption20A at 115V; 12A at 240V
Current consumption in standby modeMaximum 0.5 A
NoteAutomatic voltage and frequency adaptation
Minimum space required872 mm (L) x 1025 mm (D)
872 mm (L) x 1101 mm (D) with self-supporting base
Weight84 kg (185 lb)
Adjustable height2 speeds motorized
NoteAccessible by patients on wheelchair
Self-supporting base available
ConnectionsLAN / Ethernet
SoftwareNewTom NNT
Supported protocolsDICOM 3.0, TWAIN, VDDS
DICOM nodesIHE certification (Print; Storage Commitment; WorkList MPPS; Query Retrieve)
AppCompatibility with iPad and iPhone

File 1: Product Sheet – NewTom GO 2D

File 2: Brochure – Newtom GO 2D


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