GLOBAL Maxi4500 Patient Chair front
GLOBAL Maxi4500 Patient Chair backward tilt
GLOBAL Maxi4500 Patient Chair front
GLOBAL Maxi4500 Patient Chair fully powered lift
GLOBAL Maxi4500 Patient Chair fully lay flat
GLOBAL Maxi4500 Patient Chair -10 degree Trendelenburg capability
GLOBAL Maxi4500 Fully electro-hydraulic lift system


GLOBAL Maxi4500

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The GLOBAL Maxi4500 Patient Chair was designed with the Otolaryngologist in mind and is the most luxurious patient chair on the market with soft leatherette covers and a padded footrest. An articulating headrest easily adjusts to position each patient precisely and effortlessly. For added convenience, the controls, which move all sections of the chair are located within easy reach on both sides of the backrest.

Along with a backward tilt function of 20 degrees, the memory positions allow you to automatically power the chair to your favourite position for working on patients. Once in position, the Maxi4500 ENT Chair can rotate 345 degrees to give complete access to your patient. The Maxi4500 Patient Chair also offers the -10 degree Trendelenberg Position as standard.

The GLOBAL Maxi 4500 chair is the new fully-powered examination chair from Global Surgical Corporation. Experience the superior construction and quality that make these chairs the market leader.

  • Fully electro-hydraulic lift system
  • Lift capacity 200 kgs. (tested to 400 kgs.)
  • Fully-powered recline, lift, and 20 degree tilt
  • Full lay-flat design with -10 degree Trendelenburg capability
  • 3 programmable memory settings with Auto Return
  • 43cm travel range – 55cm to 99cm
  • Child-Safety disable switch
  • Multiple position articulating headrest
  • Articulating Footrest locks into up position for easy ingress/egress
  • Articulating headrest accommodates all patients
  • Articulating armrests go flat when reclined and allow for easy ingress/egress
  • The Maxi4500 has contoured upholstery and is available in a wide range of colours


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