Ecleris Colposcope C-200
Ecleris Colposcope C-200
Ecleris Colposcope C-200
Ecleris Colposcope C-200


Ecleris Colposcope C-200

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The Ecleris C-200 colposcope is a new model in the Ecleris C-Series range that is designed to cover the diagnosis and therapeutic needs in modern gynaecology.

The C-200 colposcope is equipped with new features that produce superior quality images with greater clarity which can help improve diagnostic outcomes.

One of these features is the floating pantographic pneumatic arm which provides a smooth and stable motion and offers superior manoeuvrability compared to the Ecleris C-100 model.

The high power coaxial LED light source has been integrated into the optical head and offers three filters to provide greater illumination.

The C-Series colposcopes can be easily transformed into a video colposcope by fitting a high resolution video camera. Digital archiving of patient images is made possible through the Endodigi software, which is easily adaptable to a PC.

Floor and wall-mounted models are available.

High Image Quality

This colposcope offers high-quality wide field optics with 5 levels of magnification, an integrated fine focus objective lens and fully adjustable dual maneuvering handles.

Optional high resolution video camera fully automatic integrated into light source.

Outstanding Mobility

The floating pantographic pheumatic arm provides greater stability. 

High Power Coaxial LED Light Source

No more fiberoptic cable. The high power LED illumination with 50,000 hours between bulbs is now integrated in to the optical head.

Colposcope Accessories

With the addition of certain accessories (C mount converter and endocoupler), the light source and the video camera of the video colposcope, can be used to perform hysteroscopic procedures, avoiding the need of having a second video system in the office.

  • Binocular rotating ring
  • Focal lens protectors
  • Sterilization covers kit
  • Beam splitter
  • Video Camera Procam (integrated connection into light source)
  • Stand for LCD monitor
  • C-mount converter to endocoupler for using the videocamera with endoscopes
  • Adaptor for digital photographic camera
  • Adaptors for different brand of light guide cables
  • Endodigi Software – Patient record and imaging management software with full image digitalisation capability

Ecleris C-200 Technical Specifications


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