The ultimate veterinary digital X-ray system designed to empower vets with advanced imaging capabilities and enhanced diagnostic accuracy.
Browiner VX200/VX400 Veterinary X-ray
Browiner VX200/VX400 Veterinary X-ray


Browiner VX200/VX400 Veterinary X-ray

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The ultimate digital veterinary X-ray system with advanced imaging capabilities for enhanced diagnostic accuracy.

With the advantages of a high-power generator, special veterinary software and multiple exposure modes, this vet DR guarantees excellent quality images with low X-ray dose, meeting the radiography demands of vet diagnostic imaging.

A powerful and intelligent fixed veterinary digital X-ray system.

Built on advanced technology the VX200/VX400 delivers a low-dose imaging experience with outstanding image quality for any type of pet. It allows vets to finish the exposure with the panel on the tube head.

Simple operation and instant imaging enable it to be used in an easy efficient way for every situation.

The 15.6-inch touchscreen delivers a streamlined workflow with a fully integrated image workstation, including image acquisition and post-processing. Instant dispaly of images on the tube head allows faster diagnoses and enables better communication with animal owners intuitively and clearly.

The four-way tabletop with a large load-bearing capacity can accommodate different
kinds of animals, even those with huge shapes.


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