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Warranty and Support

SurgiTel pledges to provide each of our customers with quality products with outstanding customer service and support. As the exclusive distributor of the SurgiTel range of dental loupes and headlights throughout Australia and New Zealand INLINE will act on behalf of our clients and provide assistance with international shipping and conduct any minor repairs and or replacements locally where possible.


SurgiTel warranties its products from defects in material and workmanship through limited repair and/or the replacement of defective parts.

At its sole discretion, SurgiTel will either repair or replace the product or repair or replace the necessary parts found to be defective.

Prompt inspection and reporting of missing or damaged product(s) should be reported to the shipping carrier and SurgiTel within 3 days of receipt.

SurgiTel accepts no responsibility for items claimed to be missing more than 3 days after receipt.

Warranty is only valid with proof of purchase from an Authorized SurgiTel Dealer.

Warranty Limitations (conditions not covered)

  • Deterioration or failure due to misuse or improperly following instructions and/or warnings found in the user’s manual
  • Items which have a known life based on use (e.g. light bulbs, fiber optic light cables, batteries)
  • Nicks and scratches on optical surfaces caused after delivery
  • Accidents or conditions of use considered abusive by GSC
  • Product made to incorrect specifications as supplied by the customer (e.g. eye Rx, PD, working distance, other specs)
  • Any attempt to repair lights or light power sources other than with SurgiTel will void the warranty
  • Normal wear and tear on the product

Warranty by Product

See Individual Product Pages


We are always happy to assist you with your service needs and general questions about any of the following:

  • Loupe refurbishments
  • Prescription upgrades
  • Frame upgrades and replacements
  • Loupe working-distance changes
  • General repairs for your dental loupes
  • Replacement parts for your dental loupes
  • Customization and fitting questions


We welcome customer feedback at all times.

Please feel free to contact us with your comments:

Phone: 1300 033 723