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VISIONFLEX - ProEX Telehealth Hub

The ProEX connects patients with specialists by supporting a range of professional medical examination accessories. The medical imaging system incorporates a high resolution medical-grade camera hand-piece with an integrated, high-intensity LED light source. The ProEX includes an integrated 10.1″ touch screen LCD, an elegant patient data management interface and robust, solid-state storage of still images and video. The ProEX also captures high definition images and videos from external sources along with built in video conferencing capabilities.

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ProEX – The Powerful Telehealth Imaging Solution

The ProEX facilitates rapid health management consultations for patients who have limited access to specialist services. By connecting with their chosen healthcare specialist through a video conferencing link, the local health practitioner can examine a patient using the integrated medical camera and consult directly with a specialist provider at another location. All images and videos can be transmitted through the video conferencing connection to a specialist for remote diagnosis, or stored locally on the encrypted hard drive for later analysis or archiving.

Video conferencing can be transmitted via a local network, the internet, or via 3G/4G/LTE using an optional interface module.


  • Display 25cm (10.1″) touch screen LCD
  • Inputs HDMI, DVI, BNC & S-Video Composite, Microphone, Line In
  • Outputs HDMI, DVI, USB, Headphone, Line Out
  • Powerful data management and archiving system
  • Networking Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n/ac WiFi
  • Storage of patient data using solid state drive (SDD)
  • Bluetooth-4 remote control
  • Teleconferencing using inbuilt webcam and microphone

Typical locations for the ProEX could include :

  • Medical Centres
  • Rural & Remote Communities
  • Detention Centres & Prisons
  • Oil Rigs & Mining Camps
  • Nursing Homes, Aged Care
  • Cruise Liners
  • Merchant Navy
  • Military Camps

The ProEX supports a comprehensive range of interchangeable probes to simplify patient imaging.

Select from a wide variety of snap-on probes for special imaging needs:

  • otoscope
  • dermatology
  • dentistry
  • ophthalmic
  • general imaging
  • sinus probe

Most conventional medical endoscopes can be connected in a matter of seconds using our standard endoscope adapter.
The ProEX imaging handpiece includes high-intensity LED illumination, and is held in the hand like a pen.
Optional probes snap onto the end of the handpiece and can be switched in a matter of seconds.

Ergonomic Design

The ProEX includes a variety of connectors for external monitors or group presentations. This makes the ProEX perfect for educational presentations. Multiple video inputs allow the unit to be used with third party video sources such as endoscope cameras, ultrasound units, video ophthalmoscopes or slit lamp cameras, while retaining the benefits of internal storage.

An external hard drive can also be connected for additional storage, as might be needed for recording video during an extended medical procedure.


  • Lightweight, compact and portable – suitable for any situation
  • Intuitive touch screen control
  • Integrated patient database
  • Interchangeable medical probes for flexibility of use
  • LED Illumination provides homogeneous illumination
  • Precision German-manufactured optics provide high resolution, diagnostic quality images
  • Easily record still images or videos using the optional foot switch or remote control
  • Patient images & information can be simply transferred to USB
  • Telehealth-ready – for use with any existing Video Conferencing system


Using the integrated 25cm (10″) LCD touch screen or external keyboard (wired or Bluetooth), images and video can be easily annotated with specific diagnostic information. All patient data is encrypted to comply with HIPPA requirements. The ProEX offers healthcare professionals the freedom and portability of an integrated LCD touch screen, robust data storage, high resolution CCD camera with integrated LED light source and a wide variety of ‘snap-on’ probes – all in one small, convenient package.

Video conferencing technology has been embedded into the ProEX allowing patients and doctors to connect easily via the internet. Connections can be made from the ProEX to any PC via Vidyo or to dedicated VC systems such as Cisco, Polycom or SIP clients.

Video conferencing calls are initiated from the ProEX using the integrated address book or by
sending an email from the device to invite the remote participant into the virtual ‘room’. Scheduled calls can also be setup in advance with the ProEX placing a reminder on the screen when the remote participant has arrived. Live video or data from any of the examination modes can be transmitted through the VC link with all patient identifying data concealed to comply with HIPPA requirements.

Features & Benefits:

  • Powerful software to maintain high image quality at all times
  • Easy to use address book function
  • Scheduling of calls with pop up reminders
  • All images and data from any peripherals can be transmitted though the VC link
  • All patient identifying data hidden during video conferencing

The digital stethoscope option for the ProEX has been designed specifically for telemedicine.
Stream heart, lung and body sounds synchronously to clinicians remotely. The stethoscope option provides exceptional sound quality and is plug-and-play for ease of use.

The Eko stethoscope provides convenient switching between analogue and digital modes with
the push of a button. The unit has been crafted with a ground-breaking analogue/digital toggle,
calibrated audio filtering, and dynamic drivers, providing superior audio quality, white noise
reduction, and enhanced 40x amplification.
The ProEX streams audio from a number of digital stethoscopes and saves the data under the
patient ‘session’ to help you confidently and quickly assess patient’s heart, lung and body sounds.

Features & Benefits :

  • Compatible with Eko, RNK & Thinklabs stethoscopes.
  • Seamless Bluetooth integration with the ProEX.
  • Analog and digital modes.
  • Works with heart, lung, and other body sounds.
  • Rechargeable battery with 9 hours of continuous use per charge.
  • Multiple amplification levels.

Interchangeable Probes


Otoscope Probe

The otoscope probe is designed to provide brilliant endoscopic images of the ear or nasal cavities, for patients ranging from small children to adult. The use of disposable speculae guarantees hygiene between patients.
No additional light source is required as the illumination is supplied by the handpiece.



Sinus Probe

The sinus probes are available in two viewing directions. Options are : 0 degrees and 30 degrees with a 60 degree field of view. Both probes are 2.7mm in diameter and 110mm in length.




General Imaging Probe

The general imaging probe is used for capturing extraoral images of the face, preoperative rhinoplasty views of the nose and mouth, images of the tonsils, cleft palates and intraoral lesions. The probe includes a rotating ring to ensure homogeneous illumination and to facilitate manual focusing. Light intensity can also be individually regulated via a slit diaphragm. Focus range: macro to infinite.



90°- Dental Probe

The dental probe is used for capturing intra-oral side conforming images of the dental cavity. The aperture angle of 60° ensures brilliant 3D images of 1 to 5 teeth at a magnification of up to 25x. Due to the slender 9mm design and wide 8-45mm focal range, the probe is ideally suited to areas of the mouth that are usually difficult to approach.



Dermatology Probe

With magnifications of of x20, x45, x80 & x150, the dermatology probe is ideal for diagnosing and recording external skin conditions. Complete with focus adjustment, the probe can be set up for surface magnification or for viewing into cavities or wounds up to 10mm deep. Removable light diffusing tips ensure hygiene between patients. For use with or without oils.



Endoscope Adapter

The endoscope adapter provides a simple mechanism to connect a wide range of medical endoscopes such as Aesculap, Schoelly & Storz (an external light source is required). When used with Nasopharyngoscopes for the examination of the Larynx and airways, the ProEX is an ideal solution for speech pathology and the examination of swallowing reflexes.


When connected to a network, media and patient data are automatically synchronized between each of the ProEX units and the server to ensure the devices are always up to date with the latest information. Network connectivity from the ProEX can be hardwired or over WiFi.

The Dynamic Media Engine is an enterprise class suite of capture and storage tools for all medical media which includes technology for EHR integration*, annotation and analytics. The Server enables multiple ProEX Telehealth Imaging Hubs to be networked to a central repository thereby providing access to all media from any ProEX or PC on the same network.

Features & Benefits :

  • Bidirectional communication between the server and the ProEX units
  • Automatic synchronization of all media to the server
  • Integration with your existing infrastructure and EHR
  • Enhanced security of data with centralized storage
  • Access media from anywhere through your browser
  • Share media with patients and colleagues

Note * Integration to your EHR may require custom software development

ProEx Telehealth Hub
Display25 cm (10.1”) high resolution touch-screen LCD
Colour Depth 24 Bit = 16 million colours
Video InputsHDMI, DVI, BNC & S-Video Composite, USB (UVC)*
Video OutputsHDMI, DVI, USB 2.0 (USB B) UVC
Audio InputsMicrophone*, line In (standard 3.5mm mini jack)
Audio OutputsHeadphone*, line Out (standard 3.5mm mini jack)
Probes / Front Inputs 2 x USB 2.0*, special connector for camera handpiece
Network Connections Gigabit Ethernet, RJ45 802.11 b/g/n/ac WiFi
Power Supply110-240V 50-60Hz AC (with external medical grade power pack)
Power Consumption48 watts approximately
Built-in Speakers150Hz-12kHz, 1W, (for audio confirmation only, not for diagnosis)
FootswitchStandard 3.5mm mini jack*
Remote ControlHand held bluetooth remote control
MechanicalW: 280, H: 300, D: 140mm, weight: 3.7 kg (inc.R/C without accessories)
Environmental Storage: 0° to +60° C operating: 0° to +40° C
Media Integrated SSD or external USB hard drive
Image Formats JPEG
Video Format MPEG4
FSC2 Camera Handpiece
Resolution470.000 pixels
Pixels Effective752 (H) x 582 (V)
Brightness ControlAutomatic
White BalanceThrough button on touch screen control panel
Cable300 cm
Hygiene OtoscopeSingle use, disposable speculae available in adult and child sizes (4.0 & 2.5..)
Hygiene Dental ProbeSingle use, disposable sheaths
Hygiene Other ProbesSoakable in standard sterilizing fluids
Note: * Patient Isolated

File 1: Product Sheet – Visionflex ProEX




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