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GLOBAL - ENT Microscope

The GLOBAL A-Series™ microscope guarantees an uncompromising, top-quality optical system along with a convincing selection of magnification steps. There is the right setting for any type of treatment.

GLOBAL A-Series™ microscope permit a relaxed, upright posture so that you can work all day long. The unique offset arm allows for more comfortable positioning and greater visualisation between the doctor and assistant while the compact balancing system lets you easily adjust for accessories without losing finger-tip control. Furthermore, the powerful LED light source delivers bright, white light providing superior illumination.

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The GLOBAL A-Series™ microscopes provide the perfect solution when a wide range of magnification is needed. The G6 provides six steps of magnification, ranging from 2.1x for an ultra wide field of view, to 20x for close inspection while the G3 is ideal for general restorative dentistry with 3 steps of magnification.

The unique Global offset arm allows for more comfortable positioning and greater visualisation between the doctor and assistant while the unique compact balancing system lets you easily adjust for heavy accessories without losing finger-tip control. Furthermore, The GLOBAL A-Series™ microscopes deliver brighter and whiter illumination than traditional illumination systems.

GLOBAL A-Series™ Microscopes Features

– Available in 3, 4 & 6 steps of magnification
– AXIS™ Control System delivers turret changer, handles and tension control in one location
– Updated binoculars with diopter eyepieces
– Ergonomic handles with integral magnification changer
– Brightest LED light source available
– Three-stage filter assembly: clear, amber, green
– Custom mounting options to suit any office
– Limited lifetime warranty


While using the ENT microscope the operator is able to sit upright without fatigue, tension, or stress in the neck or lower back muscles; focusing completely on the task at hand. Additionally, the eyes of the microscope user remain focused on infinity; thus remaining in a relaxed state, as opposed to a loupes user whose eyes are crossed (converged), eventually resulting in fatigue and eye strain.

Enhanced precision through magnification

Specialists worldwide have come to recognise Global Surgical Corporation as the leader in ENT microscopy. A microscope benefits every procedure by helping you to better diagnose and predictably treat your patients. The clear magnified images that are possible with a ENT microscope provide details that are difficult to see even with loupes.

Mounting Solutions

The following section contains information on the Global Floorstand Model, Wallmount Model and Ceiling Mount Models. The units are versatile office diagnostic microscope systems suitable for surgery.

The horizontal arm for all models is 53cm in length. The horizontal arm travels 175° in each direction around the center of the base for both the Floorstand and the Ceiling Mount models. The horizontal arm on the Wallmount Model travels a limited arc of 90′ in each direction. The spring arms, in the full down position, will travel in each direction on all models.



The Floorstand model is designed for portability around the office. The Floorstand uses a compact H-base with four large casters and occupies minimal floor space. All four casters may be locked in place to prevent rolling. The Floorstand model provides a lightweight, stable support for the microscope and arm assemblies. This configuration is ideal for large surgeries with multiple rooms or clinics where the scope needs to be moved on a regular basis.



Wall Mount

The Wallmount model is designed for applications with limited floor space. It provides an unobstructed range of working area without using floor space. The Wallmount model provides a manoeuvrable, stable support for the microscope and arm assemblies. The Wallmount model folds flat against the wall for convenient storage.




Ceiling Mount

The ceiling mount version, is designed to allow a maximum range of operation while eliminating the use of floor space. The Ceiling Mount model plugs into wiring in the ceiling (provided by the customer) and provides a stable support for the microscope and arm assemblies and folds to a stored position when not in use. Total extension reaches over 1.8 meters.



Microscope Optics

  • 3, 4 or 6 steps of magnification – (range can be shifted up and or down with selected components).
  • Ultra-wide 54mm objective lens (inside diameter) and 16.8mm aperture at all steps of magnification allow more light return to users’ eyes.
  • Innovative 49SU multi-layer, broad band, anti-reflective coatings further enhance light transmission and reduce light loss.
  • Entire optical path developed using the latest computer-aided design technology. This ensures superior contrast, resolution and depth-of-focus throughout the full range of magnification.
  • Fine focus/objective lens combination features 20mm range, conveniently located for effortless fingertip control.


  • Improved visualisation through high levels of magnification
  • Diopter settings harmonise with eyeglasses
  • Unobstructed, coaxial, shadow-free illumination
  • Photos are exceptional means of documentation
  • Deliver images with superior detail
  • HD recording and display now available
  • Use for presentations and teaching opportunities at conferences

Manouverability & Ergonomics

  • Heavy duty support arm allows fingertip control with precise system placement.
  • Perfectly balanced for effortless movement.
  • All support arms fold neatly back on themselves in storage position.
  • Optional Microbalance for use with side mount components features fluid-like movement regardless of accessory configuration.

Microscope Options.

Choose from individual components to design a system specifically to meet your requirements. Our upgradeable and modular design accommodates a vast array of optional observation/ documentation configurations for today’s needs and tomorrow’s innovations.


Video Beamsplitter.

High resolution mini-video camera and Virtual Beamsplitter combination. Digital cameras can be connected through the X-Mount Adaptor allowing for diagnosis and procedure documentation for patient records, education and colleague communication. This valuable additional feature provides patients with real-time video of their examination and increases their understanding of the proposed treatment plan.


Inclinable Binocular.

Inclinable Binocular features widest range of any binocular on the market for optimum physician comfort. The use of the incinable binnocular in ENT surgery is key to positioning the microscope, the patient and the operator all in the best ergonomic position. While using the microscope, the operator is able to adjust the binnocular so they can sit upright without fatigue, tension, or stress in the neck or lower back muscles; focusing completely on the task at hand.

No more hunching to lower yourself to the level of the supine patient. Now you can sit upright and look down into the binnocular at a height which suites your preferred operating position.


Dual Iris Adaptor.

To individually adjust the aperture of each optical channel thereby effecting the depth of field and compensating for loss of illumination due to single channel beam splitters.

File 1: Product Sheet – Global ENT Microscope

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