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ECLERIS - Colposcope

The Ecleris Colposcope Series C-100 has been designed to cover all the diagnosis and therapeutic needs in modern gynaecology. All colposcope models can be transformed into videocolposcopes with our high resolution video camera. Digital archiving of patient images is made possible through the Endodigi software, which is easily adaptable to a PC.

The Ecleris Colposcope comes with an inclined binocular (straight optional) a choice of objective lenses (200, 250, 300 & 400mm) with wide angle ocular, green filter and an illuminated field from 75 to 145 mm.

The C-100 colposcope produces great quality, accurate images, with maximum clarity and resolution. Floor and wall-mounted colposcope models are available and include 5 magnifications (4, 6, 10, 16 and 25x).

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High Image Quality

This colposcope offers high quality wide field optics with 5 levels of magnification, integrated fine focus objective lens and fully adjustable dual maneuvering handles.

Optional high resolution video camera fully automatic integrated into lightsource.

Outstanding Mobility

All rotary components are assembled on bearings providing smooth and stable motion.

The Colposcope C-100, with its pantographic arm, has a superior maneuverability, as the arms are mounted on bearings, and guarantee smooth movements and greater stability (WBS, weight balance system). Its state-of-the-art designed base, allows for easy transport.


Colposcope illumination is provided through an LED Light Source with 50,000 hours of continuous operation between bulbs. The system also comes with a 7mm fiberoptic cable and an adjustable mechanical diaphragm for providing continuous light intensity control.

Colposcope Accessories

With the addition of certain accessories (C mount converter and endocoupler), the light source and the videocamera of the video colposcope, can be used to perform hysteroscopic procedures, avoiding the need of having a second video system in the office.

Optional Accessories: 

  • Binocular rotating ring
  • Focal lens protectors
  • Sterilization covers kit
  • Beam splitter
  • Video Camera Procam (integrated connection into light source)
  • Stand for LCD monitor
  • C-mount converter to endocoupler for using the videocamera with endoscopes
  • Adaptor for digital photographic camera
  • Adaptors for different brand of light guide cables
  • Endodigi Software – Patient record and imaging management software with full image digitalization capability

Binocular45 degree inclined (straight optional)
Objective lens 0.5Standard 300mm included. Options 200/25/400mm
MagnificationsManual changer 5 positions: Factor 4/6/10/16/25 X
Fine FocusManual
Eyepieces10 x wide angle, dioptric setting +/- 5
Fiel of View (10 x)Diameter 24mm for f:200 mm, diameter 31mm for f:250 mm, diameter 36mm for f:300 mm, diameter 50mm for f:400 mm
Interpupilar distance55-75mm
Type of IlluminationCoaxial illumination through 7 mm fiber optic light guide cable
Light SourceLED High Intensity
Illuminated FieldØ 70 mm for f: 200 mm
Ø 90 mm for f: 250 mm
Ø 107 mm for f: 300 mm
Ø 145 mm for f: 400 mm
Illumination ControlManual mechanical diaphragm with continuous adjustment. Constant light color
Power Supply100 - 120 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
200 - 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz
Pantographic Arm
TypeWeight balance system
Rotation MovementSystem with proximal and distal rolling bearings
Height Adjustment25” / 63.5 mm
TypeFloor StandWall Mount
BaseH shape
18,5”x 19,3” / 470 x 490 mm
H shape
10,6” x 10,6” / 270 x 270 mm
Objective - Floor Height (Min. / Max.)21,65” - 46,45”
550 - 1180 mm
Horizontal Range38,2” / 970 mm (max)43,7” / 1111 mm (max)
Weight49.5 Kgs20.7 Kgs

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