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ECLERIS - Colposcope HD

The Ecleris Colposcope HD is a high definition videocolposcope offering outstanding image quality, perfect HD 1280 x 720p colour definition, optical zoom and high power LED illumination.

The system comes complete with on screen display (OSD) with indication of real magnification, zoom and focus operated by 4 commands joystick, still function and white balance push button control.

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High Image Quality

The colposcope HD offers outstanding image quality, perfect colour discrimination due to CMOS HD technology providing high definition 1280x 720P colour definition with an on screen display indicating real magnification.

The zoom and focus is operated by the 4 commands joystick, whilst there is also a still function and white balance push button control.

There is also perfect colour discrimination due to CMOS HD technology.

Outstanding Mobility

All rotary components are assembled on bearings providing smooth and stable motion. The floor stand system has 4 antistatic wheels with break and a ratched pole with double arm that moves up and down for easier and steadier positioning.


The Colposcope HD illumination is provided through a high power LED Light Source providing up to 50,000 hours of continuous operation between bulbs.

Colposcope HD Optional Accessories

  • Monitor stand pole
  • Endodigi Software, patient record, and imaging management software with full image digitalisation capability.
  • JPEG Output
Outputs2x HDMI
MagnificationProgressive magnification. Optical zoom up to 50x and digital zoom up to 128x.
FocusAutomatic and manual
Resolution1280 x 720 P
Depth of Field250 - 300
Field of View8 - 140 mm
Distance200 - 320 mm
FilterOptical green
Light SourceLED High Intensity, 6500 Kelvin
Durability50.000 hrs
Illuminated ControlElectronic adjustment. Constant light color.
Power Supply100 - 120 VAC, 50/60 Hz

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