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Stroboscope Xenon

The Ecleris stroboscope is a fully automated stroboscopic light source with an extra bright, powerful 180W Xenon lamp that obtains brilliant, sharp images of high quality at all times.

The equipment detects and synchronizes the stroboscopic light automatically with the base frequency of the vocal cords. There is also a manual frequency control to assist with patients that have very weak lungs.

Multiple adapters are available which allows the use of different laryngoscopes, and video systems brands. The unit is very easy to use with intuitive controls and can be operated from the footswitch that comes with the unit.

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Equipment Cart with Stroboscope and PCNew Technology

Ecleris have designed a revolutionary new strobe system using a standard 180W Xenon lamp and achieving even brighter illumination than with the traditional 350W bulb. All other xenon stroboscopes in the market (along with the previous Ecleris systems) turn the lamp on and off, thousands of times per second in order to achieve the stroboscopy mode.

Ecleris have now developed a new electronic method of shooting the lamp without actually turning it on and off. Rather, the lamp remains on and the intensity is varied thousands of times per second without actually turning it off. No other system on the market has this technology.

Using this new method, Ecleris can leave the lamp turned on continuously or in stroboscopic mode without bulb degradation. No other manufacturer can achieve this. Competitive systems all have electronics for turning the light on and off and for continuous light, they need a separate electronics and bulb.


  • Suitable for both flexible and rigid endoscopes
  • Automatic voice synchronization
  • High level audio output
  • Total foot switch control
  • Extra Bright
  • Low maintenance
  • Expected life span, over 1000 hours of continuous use
  • Standard 180X Xenon bulb

“Thanks for the new stroboscope light source, it’s very good and I would like to to stress few good features that I noticed

  • The quality of the light is excellent. It is very bright and can be used for static and dynamic assessment so this can be your primary and only light source and you can use it as needed.
  • I do stroboscopy using flexible nasolaryngoscope, and it still visualizes the mucosal wave easily. Using a rigid stroboscope gives superb image quality.
  • You can synchronize or desynchronize the strobe quite easily to phase freeze the image or get a mobile mucosal wave using the multifunction foot peddle.

I think it was definately worth investing in this Stroboscope.”

Dr. Hayder Ridha – Dubbo NSW

Dimensions (D x W x H)
Main Unit39 x 30 x 14.5 cm
Pedal28 x 27.5 cm
Main Unit8 Kgs
Pedal4 Kgs
Working Range78 - 1100 HZ
Display Range120 - 999 HZ
Auto ModeLarge/Fine Tune. Full automatic fundamental frequency detection controlled by double footswitch pedal for speed control and phase position.
Manual Mode Manual fundamental frequency detection controlled on frontal panel display
MicrophoneDirect contact
Lamp Life>2000 hours
Stroboscopic Light180W Xenon
Pilot LightXenon for no color change
Power Requirements
Voltage Ranges230 V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz, 115 V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz

Product Sheet – Ecleris Stroboscope




ENT, Speech Pathology