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ORL VISION - USB Rhino Laryngoscope

The new USB Video Rhino Laryngoscope – ultra-compact with integrated LED and USB – provides the user with a truly new feeling during examination. It has been designed for both endoscopy and image capturing for ENT doctors.

The USB Video Rhino Laryngoscope is available in two different sizes, one specifically designed for use in Pediatrics. Due to intensive exchange of experience with worldwide users it was confirmed that the excellent optics, illumination and camera electronics delivers natural and clear images.

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Function and ergonomics

Due to the smart design, the Video Rhino Laryngoscope is very easy to handle. Thanks to the precise and felt mechanical probe control, you can navigate the probe tip easily, safe and intuitive in any position. The advanced technical construction results in the lowest of service costs.

High-tech-image sensors

Razor-sharp images, videocapturing with realistic colour reproduction provide the basis for reliable diagnosis and documentation. A connection to a light-source is not needed anymore due to the integrated high power LED Advanced Image Technology (AIT). The image playback and video recording can be done easily via USB connection either on medical monitors or computer system. No separate power supply needed.

Two sizes

The USB Video Rhino Laryngoscope is available in two different sizes, one specifically designed for use in Pediatrics.

  • RSX:           3.9mm diameter
  • RSX-P:      2.9mm diameter (Paediatrics)

Professional documentation

Documentation is becoming increasingly important. Video and USB technology helps you to create quick and accurate documentation. Concentrate on the essentials – to work with and for your patients.

Diameter3.9 mm2.9 mm
LightsourceIntegrated high power LED lightsourceIntegrated high power LED lightsource
Tip Articulation130°/130°130°/130°
Working Length310 mm310 mm
WeightApprox. 330g incl. USB-connection cableApprox. 330g incl. USB-connection cable
CleaningCompletely immersible machine cleaning/desinfectionCompletely immersible machine cleaning/desinfection

File 1: Product Sheet – ORL Vision Video Rhino Laryngoscope


ORL Vision


Endoscopy, ENT, Speech Pathology


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