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ZUMIN - Industrial Videoscope

The cdo 150 offers the latest technology avaliable in the borescope category. The 7″ (18cm) touchscreen display offers superior image rendering and simple expandable user experience.

Zumin is built on innovation. Innovation that makes a real difference in your business. The focus is on empowering our customers to quickly understand the issues they are facing, and how they can effectively intervene.

Zumin’s mission is to help technicians be more productive by enabling them to see and grasp what they can really do. The product range features leading-edge sensing and inspection technology that is affordable, accessible and brilliantly intuitive.

The Zumin team are champions at ideating and engineering 21st century tools and solutions. Issues that were out of reach or out of sight are now in full view.
So customers can solve everyday problems – faster and more effectively.

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  • 7” (18 cm) TFT LCD Display with a native resolution of 800 x 480
  • Digital camera technology
  • “CFAST” imager connector
  • File naming for convenient file management
  • Text annotation aids in documentation
  • Low optical distortion provides superior image quality
  • Capture video at a rate of 15 fps
  • Digital zoom is 2X executed in 10 steps
  • Micro-USB connector for uploading images
  • Micro-HDMI video out
  • External micro-SD Card access
  • External micro-USB access
  • D/C plug allows the unit to be used while battery is being charged
  • Microphone and speaker for voice-over annotations
  • WIFI connection

Camera Tip Variations

When it comes to critical problems, every detail counts.Zumin accessories are tailor-made to clearly identify and fix issues in a wide range of applications across many industries. Continuous development of new accessories means that Zumins’s modular design will provide value for years to come.

  • 3.8 mm Forward View
  • 3.8 mm Side View
  • 5.5 mm Dual View
  • 8.5 mm Dual View
  • 8.5 mm Forward View

Optimal Viewing Distance1” to 12” (2.5 cm – 30 cm)
Power SupplyLi-Ion Battery 3,7V, 4200 mAh
Estimated Battery Run Time3 – 5 hours
Weight0.52 kg
Sensors Pixels“640 x 480 (digital) 720 x 480 (analog)”
FOV~ 60 degrees (imager dependent)
Video & Photo Resolution640 x 480
Dimensions184 x 144 x 27 (mm)
Temperature0° C to 45° C
Humidity0,5% to 95% non-condensing
Storage Temp-20° C to 70° C
Water ResistanceImager to 1 m depth



Automotive, Engineering, Marine Engine, Mining