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DELLON VT Series Videoscope

DELLON VT Series Videoscope

VT series industrial video scope is a new NDT detection device. It is an integration of optics, electronics, precision machinery and micro camera technology.
The monitor is made up of high brightness color LCD display and ultra-small CCD camera. Inspection results will be clearly shown on the 4.3 inches LCD. It has high definition, high reliability and stability which enable great on-site inspection capacity.

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Precision Machinery

The bending part of the videoscope is constituted by precision and flexible material, 4-way articulation with more than 90 degrees bending angle.


It can be used in automobile, industrial machinery, electronics, petrochemical, aviation, marine, building and others industrial fields.

Model VT400

Model VT600

Model VT800




Automotive, Aviation, Engineering, Military, NDT