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Dellon G Series Steerable Videoscopes

Dellon G Series Steerable Videoscopes

The DELLON G-Series Videoscope feature 4mm and 6mm Diameter stainless braided insertion tube in working lengths from 1500mm 3000mm with 360dg x 180dg rotatable steering with still picture and video recording capability viewed on a 3.5″ Colour display monitor with on board menu controls. The distal tip has six adjustable LED lights and a camera chip offering effective pixels – 380,000 on a scree resolution of 640 X 480.

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Joystick-Controlled, 360 Degree Articulation

The mechanized joystick uses operator input to directly control the borescope camera articulation. The result is smooth and accurate control of the articulating tip, with immediate response to joystick inputs. This allows the camera tip to be steered through narrow bores, channels and complex curves. Additionally, the camera will hold its position even when joystick pressure is released. No other video boroscope is easier to use.

Highly Durable and Flexible Insertion Tube

The VJ-ADV video borescope comes with a 6.9mm diameter steel braided insertion tube and ultra-short, 15mm rigid tip section. The highly flexible and durable insertion tube can be easily navigated through narrow, curved paths. The steel braided covering protects the insertion tube from rough or abrasive surfaces without compromising flexibility.

2X Digital Zoom

A single control panel button switches the onboard display to a 2X digital zoom*. This allows detailed observation in situations where the insertion tube can not get any closer to the inspection target. Zoom is not compatible with external monitor display via USB or RCA output.


“As part of our growing geothermal steam turbine field service work, Toshiba International Corporation has relied on INLINE Systems Sydney for our borescopic camera requirements. INLINE provide exceptional after sales support for its products, which have proven to be durable, high quality and very reliable. Their borescope cameras provide excellent clarity and agility, enabling Toshiba to successfully carry out critical inspections. We highly recommend INLINE’s products and services and we continue to rely on them for our inspection needs.”

Brett Ikin, Field Service Engineer of Toshiba International Corporation – Sydney




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