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6.9mm VJ Videoscope Standard

The VJ standard video borescope is a light, compact and portable all-in-one imaging system. The videoscope features a 360-degree articulation camera tip easily operated by the thumb sized joystick, allowing you to achieve full control over complex navigations through curved paths. In addition to this the flexible borescope system offers high intensity LED illumination adjustable at 5 levels , image playback and storage capabilities and a choice of 1.5m and 3.0m length tube.

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Product Description

Battery-powered Operation

VJ operates with 2 hours runtime by 4 AAA-batteries. Since the VJ video borescope is battery-powered, it does not require outside power supplies and also can be replaced with new batteries when they run out. Replaceable power source eliminates the risk of downtime.

Stand-alone Imaging Unit

VJ is an all-in-one unit with the functions of visual inspection, storing images*, and playing stored images. Since the VJ videoscope is equipped with all the necessary imaging functions for inspection within one unit, it does not choose places or environments to operate, nor even require any other additional equipment such as PC, VTR and so on.

Joystick Articulation Control

The 15.0 mm rigid end of the cable is the world’s shortest class in the borescope camera market. The short rigid end assists easy navigation through complicated structures and narrow spaces

video borescope adjustable brightness

Adjustable Brightness

Adjustable light source on the VJ borescope adapts to any inspection environment. The powerful light source from high-intensity white LED can be adjusted in 5 levels to facilitate appropriate probes. This feature prevents halation problems and always provides clear image in any condition.

Videoscope Navigation Ability

High Navigation Ability

The rigid end of the bending section is only 15mm long. This short rigid section aids in navigating the insertion tube through curved or complicated structures.

Product Sheet – 6.9mm VJ Videoscope Standard


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