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6.9mm VJ Videoscope Advanced

The advanced VJ video borescope is a high end version of the VJ standard. Added functionality features include a steel braided insertion tube delivering greater flexibility and durability, a larger 3.5inch LCD monitor, 2x digital zoom, LED flash capturing, time-lapse recording and microphone and earphone ports for voice recording. All this plus VJ’s standard videoscope features including joystick operation, 360 degree camera articulation, super LED illumination and on-board image and video capture capabilities.

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Product Description

3.9mm VJ Videoscope joystick

Joystick-Controlled, 360 Degree Articulation

The mechanized joystick uses operator input to directly control camera articulation. The result is smooth and accurate control of the articulating tip, with immediate response to joystick inputs. This allows the camera tip to be steered through narrow bores, channels and complex curves. Additionally, the camera will hold its position even when joystick pressure is released. No other video boroscope is easier to use.

3.9mm VJ Videoscope narrow

Highly Durable and Flexible Insertion Tube

The VJ-ADV comes with a 4mm diameter steel-braided insertion tube and ultra-short, 15mm rigid tip section. The highly flexible and durable insertion tube can be easily navigated through narrow, curved paths. The steel-braided covering protects the insertion tube from rough or abrasive surfaces without compromising flexibility.

3.9mm VJ Videoscope zoom2X Digital Zoom

A single control panel button switches the onboard display to a 2X digital zoom*. This allows detailed observation in situations where the insertion tube can not get any closer to the inspection target.
*Zoom not compatible with external monitor display via USB or RCA output.

3.9mm VJ Videoscope temperature

Temperature Sensor

A temperature sensor located on the tip of the insertion tube measures and displays the internal temperature of the camera module, and delivers a two-stage visual warning to the user when the temperature approaches a dangerously high level*. This warning systems helps preevent damage to the scope from overheating of the camera and electronics.

*The sensor is not designed to measure the ambient temperature of the area being inspected.

3.9mm VJ Videoscope voice

Voice Recording

By connecting the included hands-free microscope, audio annotation of the inspection can be recorded along with video. This allows the user to further explain the reason for the inspection, findings, and recommended remedial action, if necessary. When still photos alone are not adequate, a video recording with voice overlay provides all the documentation a user could need.

3.9mm VJ Videoscope LED's

Super High-Intensity LED Illumination

Illumination is provided by four super high-intensity white LEDs located at the tip of the bending section. These LEDs can be adjusted in 5 different levels from OFF to HIGH, to deliver just the right amount of light.

3.9mm VJ Videoscope flash

LED Flash Function

The LED Flash function delivers a 0.1 second burst of super high intensity light through the 4 LEDs, allowing you to take a photo of an especially dark area, such as a large diameter pipe. Similar to the flash on a handheld digital camera, it illuminates the inspection target just long enough to capture a clear image.

3.9mm VJ Videoscope portable

True Portability in a Compact Package

True portability is made possible through the ergonomic design of the VJ handle and base unit. All key functions, including image capture, video recording, LED brightness control, and camera articulation, can be controlled with one hand. The integrated 3.5 inch monitor allows easy viewing of the inspection target; no external monitor is required. Nothing this portable and compact delivers so many features or is easier to use.

3.9mm VJ Videoscope battery

Battery Powered Operation

VJ-ADV is powered by four AA batteries which provide approximately 1.5 hours of run-time. Because off-the-shelf disposable batteries can be used, there is no risk of down time waiting for a recharging cycle. An AC adapter is also included allowing unlimited run-time while plugged into a standard wall outlet.

“In our drive for the continuous improvement of helicopter safe operations, AIRBUS Civil Helicopter technical capabilities have been enhanced with the utility and clarity offered from the RF Systems Lab 3.9 mm VJ Articulating Videoscope. Supplied by INLINE Systems (Sydney), it has proven to be an important tool in our initial identification and subsequent diagnostics of turbine engine or dynamic component internal condition checks. It is resilient and reliable and our technicians find the design and operation intuitive and easy to use. The interface with common IT hardware and software is practical and trouble free. It gives us peace of mind having this current and progressive tool in our maintenance environment”.
Experience from Mr Greg Meyer, Chief Engineer of NSW AIRBUS Civil Helicopters – Bankstown


We at Remote Energy Generation like to thank Adam Walsh for his continued support in delivering a great product for our power generation equipment. The borescope Inline Systems provide are of a good quality and we are very happy with the Video borescope purchases over the years. The Video borescope is the best thing since sliced bread and is very easy to use and we can down load pictures of what we are looking at so all can see and analyse.”


Experience from Mr John Celima , Senior Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor – Energy Developments


“As part of our growing geothermal steam turbine field service work, Toshiba International Corporation has relied on Inline Systems Sydney for our borescopic camera requirements. Inline provide exceptional after sale support for its products, which have proven to be durable, high quality and very reliable. Their borescope cameras provide excellent clarity and agility, enabling Toshiba to successfully carry out critical inspections. We highly recommend Inline’s products and services and we continue to rely on them for our inspection needs.”


Experience from Mr Bret Ikin , Field Service Engineer – Power Systems & Services Toshiba International Corporation – Sydney

Product Sheet – 6.9mm VJ Videoscope Advanced


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