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Searchcam Entrylink

Entrylink Wireless Camera System

The EntryLink Diversity takes you safely inside the Hotzone. A wireless handheld video camera system, the EntryLink Diversity is the incident commander’s eyes inside the Hotzone. Increase entrant’s safety, use technical experts from the safety of incident command, review taped video to bring the Backup Team up to speed, and reduce the number of entries by mounting the camera on a tripod for remote monitoring.

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Product Description

EntryLink Features

  • Wireless Transmitter 100 times more powerful than non-licensed video transmitters
  • Specialized Antenna stabilizes video signal
  • Watertight Camera – Wet Decon
  • Non-Incendive Device meeting UL 1604 Safety Standards
  • Air Temperature Sensor
  • Microphone – captures audio from Hotzone
  • Laser Pointer – provides reference point for Entry Team and Command Post
  • Color Camera
  • LED Lighting
  • Entry Timer
  • Records Video and Audio

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EntryLink from Inline Systems on .

EntryLink Accessories

  • Upgrade to EntryLink Diversity 3-Antenna System
    (Upgrade to EntryLink Diversity System 3-Antenna – SC-EL-DIVUP)
  • Vehicle Integration Kit – XEP3-PassThur
  • Antenna Extension Cable Reel – SE-EL3-ECR
  • Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery Stick – BAT-LI-SBI
  • USB Video Capture System – USB-VID-CAP
Entrylink Specifications
Camera Colour1/4" CCD, 0.4 lux, 350 lines, auto iris
Interchangeable Camera HeadsNo
Probe ArticulationPush button servo control
IlluminationSARLUX™ illumination
Display Monitor5" diagonal, flat screen LCD active matrix
Auxiliarly OutputYes
Video StandardNTSC or PAL
Victim CommunicationTwo way - located at the camera probe
Operator HeadsetNoise attenating boom microphone, under helmet style
Modular DesignNo
System LengthTelescopes from 41" to 92" (104.3 cm to 234 cm)
Probe Weight7 lbs. (3.2 kg) - batteries worn on belt
Camera Housing Diameter1.7" (4.3 cm)
Minimum Access Diameter1.75" (4.4 cm)
Articulation Travel180° total - right to left
Viewing Distance20' (6 m) total darkness
Type Sealed lead-acid, 5 Ahr
Endurance 3 hours continuous operation
Operational Temperature14° to 140° F (-10° to 60° C)
Recommended Storage Temperature0° – 80 ° F (4° – 26° C)
Water/DustHighly water resistant, Not designed for submersion
StorageType Pelican® water tight and dust tight



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