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Searchcam 3000

The SearchCam 3000 locates victims trapped in collapsed buildings. The articulating waterproof camera head with LED lighting pinpoints the victims’ location so that rescuers can extract them. The SearchCam’s on-screen graphics direct the rescue team to where and how to begin extraction. The two-way audio allows rescuers to communicate with the victim. Rescuers can record video and voice, as well as take still photos of the search.

SEARCHCAM was the first and is still the finest technical search system to extend the rescuers best search senses (vision and hearing) into the voids of collapsed structures and inaccessible locations.

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Product Description

Improved Image Management and Handling

Building on the success of the original SearchCam 2000, the new SearchCam 3000 incorporates forward-looking technology. Rescue workers agreed that they wanted a camera that is durable, reliable, provides a good picture, has a good light source, is mobile, versatile and easy-to-use. The SearchCam 3000 is all of these things and more.

The SearchCam 3000 comes with interchangeable, waterproof camera heads that can be swapped on the fly, depending on what conditions rescuers are confronting. The camera can be expanded from 14 inches to 19 feet, eliminating the need to carry multiple cameras. Rescuers can also record video and capture still images of the search site which can later be used for post-incident evaluation or training purposes. The Searchcam 3000 was designed to give rescue workers everything they need and it eliminates redundant equipment. It is setting a whole new standard for technical search and rescue cameras.

Searchcam 3000 Features

  • Detachable Camera Heads – switch from color to black and white
  • Records Video, Voice & Still Images
    240º Articulating Camera Head
  • Waterproof Camera
  • Expandable Tube Sets – Camera extends from 14 inches to 19 feet

Watch the SearchCam 3000 Video

Searchcam 3000 from Inline Systems on Vimeo.

Searchcam 3000 accessories

  • Remote Display
  • Video Display Extension Cable
  • Environmental Sleeve
  • IR Camera Head
  • Upgrade to Kit 2
  • CABLEPROBE, Color Camera, Audio
  • 3 -Position Battery Charger – 6010-05-001
  • Lithium ION Rechargeable Battery Stick – 6010-05-000
  • Lithium ION Battery Stick Charger – 6010-05-002
  • Lithium ION Charger Power Supply – CHAR-Ll-SB1

SearchCam 3000 Specifications



Type and Endurance Li- Ion Battery Stick


Operational Temperatures 14° to 140° F (-10° to 60° C)
Recommended Storage Temp 0° – 80 ° F (4° – 26° C)
Water/Dust Submersible Camera Head


Type Pelican® water tight and dust tight


Search & Rescue



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