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Searchcam 2000 Cable Probe

Searchcam 2000 Cable Probe

Designed to locate victims trapped in confined spaces, the SearchCam CableProbe can be lowered 250 feet. In shafts, wells, tunnels or mine rescues, the camera’s two-way audio and lighting allow the attendants to see and hear what the entry team encounters. If trouble is encountered, both the back-up rescue team and the attendant can react immediately.

The CableProbe comes with a magnetic clamp that can be positioned on bulkheads and used to monitor situations remotely.

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Product Description

Video access into the most difficult spaces

The SEARCHCAM 2000 Victim Location System CABLE PROBE was developed in response to requests for a probe with the capability to be carried or dropped into confined spaces such as well shafts, mine shafts, trench collapses, etc.. The same fine quality, functionality, durability and reliability found in other SEARCHCAM models that have been continuously proven under the most demanding and rugged conditions are incorporated into the CABLE PROBE model.

The extended length (76m / 250 feet) and the flexibility of the probe and the segregation of the probe from the control console are the only differences between this model and the standard integrated model. All of the hardware, the technical components, and the technical specifications remain the same as those used in the standard model.

All of the technical advantages of the standard model of the SEARCHCAM 2000 are also found in the CABLE PROBE. In addition you gain the ability to reach into confined spaces and to descend into shafts or down sheer drops without having to send personnel to the area to be searched. The ability to manipulate the camera and to communicate from distances up to 250 feet provide for a rapid assessment of a situation without expending the time and manpower to physically access a victim. Additionally, the rapid assessment of a situation can help in the timely determination of medical and technical resources that may be necessary. The CABLE PROBE is another valuable variation of a technical rescue device that has become an International Search & Rescue Standard.


  • Colour Camera System
  • Two-Way Audio
  • Remote Controlled Articulating Camera Head (180 degree) right to left
  • On Screen Status Display
  • Camera Head can be lowered to depths of 250 feet (76 meters)
  • Magnetic Clamp to position camera head for hands-free viewing
  • Xenon High Intensity Illumination
  • Three Hours of Continuous Use



Camera Housing

The water resistant, dust tight, camera housing measures 1.7″ in diameter and contains the miniature, color, video camera and the variable intensity illumination source. The high resolution, low light camera is prefocused and viewing distance is from six inches to over 20 feet in zero light. The camera head can be rotated to adjust the orientation of the picture when the unit is being used in a vertical positions. Illumination is provided by a high intensity Xenon lamp. The standard camera head is not designed for underwater viewing.

Articulating Joint

The articulating joint has a right to left head travel of 180° providing a viewing angle of 260°. Articulation is controlled remotely from the control console located in the pistol grip handle. The unit automatically detects left, centre, and right travel limits of the head and interrupts the travel as well as signalling the operator via on screen graphics. When articulation is used in conjunction with rotating the probe an entire void space can be easily viewed.

Bright Video Display

A detachable LCD active matrix screen provides a quality image to the operator. Depending upon operational circumstances it may be desirable to remove the screen from the probe using the quick connect bracket. Optional 15′ extension cables allow the monitor to be extended over 30′ away from the operator for viewing by other
personnel. An auxiliary multi-purpose port allows several optional components to be utilized including a hard wired remote monitor that allows simultaneous viewing by
several personnel.

Acoustical Search

The noise attenuating headset allows the operator to conduct acoustical searches in high ambient noise environments. The boom microphone allows the operator to communicate with a victim through the speaker built into the camera housing. The acoustical search function of the Searchcam is very effective because the microphone can be inserted into the structure below the surface. This allows the victim’s cries for help to be detected even when the sound does not reach the surface of the collapse.


The ergonomically designed pistol grip style probe handle houses the digital interface rocker switches that remotely control the head articulation, illumination levels, and the relative gain of the search microphone, the push to talk, and the system power. All system operations are contained in this control console and the switches can be easily operated with one hand.

Battery Pack

Two sealed lead acid battery packs are provided to supply power under severe conditions on a continuous basis. The batteries do not develop a “memory” and will hold their charge in storage for several months, losing approximately 5% of their charge per month. Continuous battery endurance is approximately three hours and recharging is accomplished to a 90% level with the included battery charger in two hours. The battery residual is monitored by the system and the relative charge is indicated graphically on the monitor each time a control button is activated. When the battery reaches a low level the graphic indicator will flash advising the operator that replacement is required. If the battery is allowed to completely discharge, the unit will automatically shut down and will return the camera head to centre before doing so. The U. S. Department of Transportation has classified the battery as “non-spillable” and “non-hazardous”; thereby, eliminating potential problems with air transportation.

Battery Charger

An alternating current battery charger is provided to maintain the two battery packs provided at an operational level at all times. Charging units may be switched between 110 VAC and 220 VAC. This unit will provide a 90% charge to a totally discharged battery in two hours; a 100% charge is attained in five additional hours. A battery can be continuously connected and the charger will monitor the battery condition to protect against over charging.

Field Maintenance Kit

A field maintenance kit is provided with each SEARCHCAM 2000 system. It contains all of the tools necessary to perform routine maintenance and lamp replacement. Three spare lamps and O-rings are provided.

Storage Case

The entire system, including spare battery, battery charger, sun shield, lanyard, headphones, and maintenance kit packs neatly into one foam-lined Pelican® case. The case, made of high impact plastic, is water and dust tight and will protect the components through the roughest of conditions.

Remote Monitor

A flat screen, LCD active matrix monitor can be used in conjunction with the standard monitor via the multi-port auxiliary output. This unit has a 6′ cable permanently attached. Additional extension cables can be used to extend the distance from the SEARCHCAM unit.

Display Extension cables

Extension cables are available to provide remote viewing capability for the standard monitor or for the Remote Monitor accessory. The standard cable is 15′ (4.6 m) and multiple extension cables can be connected to provide increased distance. Custom cable lengths can be acquired through special orders. The extension cable is plugged directly into the multi-port output panel at one end and either the standard monitor or accessory equipment at the other end.

SearchCam 2000 Cable Probe
Camera Colour1/4" CCD, 0.4 lux, 350 lines, auto iris
Interchangeable Camera HeadsNo
Probe ArticulationPush button servo control
Illumination XenonLamp provides over 20' (6 m)
Display Monitor5" diagonal, flat screen LCD active matrix
Auxiliarly OutputYes
Video StandardNTSC or PAL
Victim CommunicationTwo way - located at the camera probe
Operator HeadsetNoise attenating boom microphone, under helmet style
Modular DesignNo
System LengthTelescopes to 250' (76 m)
Probe Weight7 lbs. (3.18 kg)
Camera Housing Diameter1.7" (4.3 cm)
Articulation Travel180° total - right to left
Viewing Distance20' (6 m) total darkness
TypeSealed lead-acid, 5 Ahr
Endurance3 hour continuous operation
Operational Temperature14° to 140° F (-10° to 60° C)
Recommended Storage Temperature-10° to 140° F (-250° to 60° C)
Water/DustHighly water resistant, Not designed for submersion

StorageType Pelican® water tight and dust tight

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