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Hasty Search Kit

Hasty SearchCam Kit

The HASTY SEARCH Kit has been specifically configured for urban search & rescue teams, “enhanced” rescue squads, regional task forces and SUSAR teams who are seeking a high quality, easy to use, cost effective, all-in-one technical search system for their standard equipment cache. The Hasty Search Kit comes complete in one easy to store case and is designed to be both easily transportable and rapidly deployable anywhere disaster strikes.

The Kit includes the Delsar Life Detector Mini system that provides seismic detection of victims and the all new SearchCam Recon III for visual search and location operations.

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Product Description

Features & Benefits

  • New Ruggedised Camera
  • Seismic Victim Location Abilities
  • Heavy Duty Single Storage Case
  • Rapid to Deploy
  • Interchangeable Batteries
  • Extremely Cost Effective

The HASTY SEARCH Kit combines two invaluable life saving devices, designed to locate victims quickly and efficiently.
The Delsar Life Detector Mini is a two sensor seismic listening device designed specifically to detect and locate live, trapped victims in collapsed structures caused by earthquakes, explosions, landslides, mine disasters or construction cave-ins.

The SearchCam Recon III utilises a 240 degree articulating camera head with variable high output LED lighting to achieve effective visual search as close as a few inches to over 10 feet (3m) in total darkness. The display is attached to the control housing with a quick connect fitting and can be easily removed to extend the cameras reach. Articulation is accomplished by rotating the large glove friendly drive collar. The pistol grip handle makes positioning and handling intuitive and provides an easy reference for camera head orientation. The lack of external wires and belt packs make the SearchCam Recon III camera extremely maneuverable and portable.

Intended Users

  • Technical Search Specialists
  • International Search & Rescue Teams
  • Regional Task Forces
  • Emergency Management Agencies
  • Mutual Aid USAR
  • Rescue Squads
  • SUSAR Teams
  • Fire Marshall’s

A Multi Purpose Solution

  • Disaster Response; earthquakes, hurricanes, typhoons, floods, storms, tornadoes, dam failures, technological accidents, terrorist activities
  • Building Collapse
  • Clean Breaches
  • Vehicle Extrication
  • Underwater Search
  • Victim Location
  • Building Search & Inspection
  • Attic & Ceiling Inspection & Search

Affordable Training Programs & Easy Skill Transition

Technical Search Specialists who have trained using our existing rescue products will find the use of the HASTY SEARCH Kit is extremely intuitive, allowing them to leverage their existing training. For rescue teams wishing to increase their technical search capabilities, independent certified training programs are available that can provide practical hands on experience with the HASTY SEARCH Kit at a fraction of the cost of a full FEMA Tech search program.

Convenient Compatibility

The equipment contained in the HASTY SEARCH Kit is cross compatible with other members of IT-Concepts rescue product family; SearchCam 3000, Delsar LD3 LifeDetector, and Entrylink. Batteries and chargers are completely interchangeable to assist with logistical issues such as battery management during full scale deployments or events.


File 1: Hasty Search Kit Power Point

Recon III Camera 
Waterproof Head
YES (IP68)
Pistol GripYES
Camera Head Articulation240°
Articulation MethodCichy Drive
Large Drive Collar
Articulation Safety Clutch
Battery Type Li Ion Sticks
Delsar CompatibilityYES
Battery Style Internal
43” - 56.5” (109-143.5cm)
Lighting16 High Output LED’s
Camera Head Orientation Markings
Camera Diameter
1.85” (4.7cm)

Delsar Mini 
Control Console
Sensor Input2 strings
Seismic Sensor2
Visual DisplayUp to all two sensors simultaneously
Audio Output1 headphone output
Frequency Range1 Hz – 3000 Hz
Filter RangeLow: High pass, 100 Hz
High: Low pass, 600 Hz
Auxiliary Output Provides audio, chart recorder and remote control function capability
Seismic Sensor
Position SensitivityBoth at vertical or horizontal
SealingIP67 (water and dust tight)
Shock Resistant>1000 g
Freq. Response1 Hz to 3000 Hz
Acoustic Sensor
SealingIP67 (water and dust tight), microphone must be dry for operation
Freq. Response200 Hz to 3000 Hz
OptionsTelescoping probe
TypeDisposable Lithium cells (CR123) with adapter
Endurance2 – 6 hours depending on number of sensors
Optional KitRechargeable Lithium Ion tube pack, battery charger, power supply and power cord
Control Console3″W x 3,55″H x 6″D (152 mm x 127mm x 83 mm)
Weight 1lbs (1Kg) without disposable battery tube
Seismic Sensor3.5″ Diameter x 2.6″ H (89 mm x 66 mm)
Weight 16.5 oz (.466Kg)
Acoustic Sensor 1.625″D x 6″L (41mm x 152mm)
Sensor CableLength 30.2 feet (10M)
Case21″L x 15″W x 7″D (81cm x 53cm x 31cm)
Weight (loaded) 25 lbs (11.3Kg)


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