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SUPERDROID - 4WD Scissor Lift

This is SuperDroid Robots enclosed wheeled All Terrain Robot with scissor lift PTZ camera. This robot is a great surveillance/inspection robot that allows you to see over counter tops, on top of beds, through windows, etc. that most low profile robots cannot achieve. The 4WD platform, with 10 inch pneumatic tires, allows this robot to easily navigate over most terrains. The PTZ camera has a 27 x optical zoom so all details of any situation can be observed. The optional tactical remote allow the operator to control all the functions of the robot and see everything with the PTZ camera.

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This robot design was developed for Law Enforcement and Military purposes, but can be purchased and used by anyone. Industries such as network switch rooms, power substations, power generators, factories, home inspections, first responders, etc. have all used this robot for inspection or surveillance from a remote/safe distance. The robot can also be customized with HAZMAT sensors, etc., please contact us if you need the robot customised.




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