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WOHLER - VIS400 Pro Push - Professional System

The Woehler VIS400 Inspection System is ideally suited to visual inspections on ventilation / air conditioning ducts, chimneys, chambers and flue gas systems along with search and rescue operations into vertical chambers such as mine shafts and wells. The coloured image, bright lighting and the rotatable lens system provides easy handling and precise feedback of the viewed area.

Because of a pan and tiltable camera head, inspections of difficult to reach areas can be acheived with ease. The results of the inspection can be recorded to a CF- memory card in the instrument either as pictures or videos. Because of the modular design, the system can be upgraded at any time for use in aother applications with options such as with miniature camera heads or different length / diameter camera rods.

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The VIS400 100 foot push rod on reel Viper Kit includes a VIS400 7 inch TFT full color monitor w/leather case and carry strap, 2 inch full color, pan & tilt camera head, 2 GB SD card, guidance sleeve, camera roller guide with protection cage, 100 foot 7mm video rod, reel with stand and distance counter, power supply, and XXL case.

The carry strap around your neck and the monitor in front of your chest, one hand guides the camera cable, the other precisely controls the camera head via the typical Wohler keypad: That is how stable the new Wohler VIS 400 video inspection system is and how easy it is to work with while inspecting chimneys standing on steep roofs or inspecting house supply lines. Modular by design, it is possible to combine the Wohler VIS 400 camera system with a variety of camera vipers, camera cables and camera heads. For instance, simply connect either the Wohler 2″ did or the 1 1/2″ dia pan & tilt camera head to carry out an all-round inspection of the inside of the pipe. The camera pans 360°, tilts 180° and offers the best-possible lighting.

Particularly practical: After panning and tilting, the home function automatically aligns the angle of the 1 1/2″ dia color camera to straight ahead with a simple push of a button. View, speak and save It is possible to make a video recording of the inspected line run. When damage is discovered, it is possible to begin the voice recording function to annotate the recording. Moreover, the voice recording function proves particularly practical at the beginning of a recording, because it helps afterwards to assign a recording to a specific inspection. As well as recording sequences of pictures it is also possible to quickly shoot and save a photo also at the press of a button. Knowing where really matters to be able to assess and specifically target repair work, Wohler have perfected the technique of precisely locating the camera head. The actual meter count and the position of the head are displayed in the monitor. The top and bottom of the pipe are displayed on the monitor at all times, even if the camera is being guided up or down or if it is moving left or right. It is even possible to locate the 1 1/2″ dia color camera head wirelessly – utilizing the new Wohler L 200 Locator.



  • compact, light monitor with leather protection bag with glare protection and shoulder belt – can be carried in front of your body
  • digital memory for pictures and videos – 2 GB CFcard
  • output for analog video signal
  • switchable additional LEDs
  • menu insertion: length announcement (optional), date, time, title
  • easy operation over key pads
  • Large color TFT display
  • splash proof camera head
  • easy and accurate inspection by a pan and tilt camera head (180° and 360°)
MonitorTFT display: 7" / 16:9 format
Power Supply12 V NiMH rechargeable battery, 2.000 mAh
Operation Time with Battery2 h (battery status in display)
Distance MeasurementDigital meter counter in conjunction with the camera viper and calble reel
Storage2 GB SD card (2.5 h recording capacity)
InterfaceMini USB port
Operating Temperature31 to 104°F
Storage Temperature-4 to 122°F
Housing Dimensions without Pouch8" x 8" x 2"
Housing Dimensions with Pouch9" x 9" x 3"
WeightWithout pouch 3 lbs; with pouch 4 lbs
Connection, StandStandard



Building Inspection, Mining, Search & Rescue


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