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WOHLER - VIS400 Inspection System

The Woehler VIS400 Inspection System is ideally suited to visual inspections on ventilation / air conditioning ducts, chimneys, chambers and flue gas systems along with search and rescue operations into vertical chambers such as mine shafts and wells. The coloured image, bright lighting and the rotatable lens system provides easy handling and precise feedback of the viewed area.

Because of a pan and tiltable camera head, inspections of difficult to reach areas can be acheived with ease. The results of the inspection can be recorded to a CF- memory card in the instrument either as pictures or videos. Because of the modular design, the system can be upgraded at any time for use in aother applications with options such as with miniature camera heads or different length / diameter camera rods.

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Product Description

Remote control at your fingertips

The camera head can be remotely controlled through a joystick mounted on the top right corner of the monitor thereby enabling the user to rotate the camera inside its water resistant housing 360 degrees and to move 180 degrees to the left and right. The illumination is achieved through high intensity white LED’s and is mounted to the camera head to ensures that the area being viewed is always correctly illuminated. A ‘High Beam’ function is also available by depressing the joystick to give additional illumination when required. Images are stored in an integrated Compact Flash card for problem free archiving and image transfer.


  • Affordable price.
  • Cable reel with shoulder strap and built in video transmitter.
  • NEW Super Bright LED Display providing a modern bright image
  • Keypad control.
  • Standard PAL video output.
  • SD card image and live video storage
  • Rechargeable batteries for approximately 2 hours of working time.
  • Colour camera head 51mm Ø, turn – and rotatable. Splash resistant (IP64).
  • Colour camera head 26mm Ø, non rotatable. Waterproof to 3 bar (IP68).
  • Black & White camera head 26mm Ø, non rotatable.
  • Waterproof to 3 bar (IP68).
  • Extremely bright lighting with switchable white LED’s.
  • Flexible cable with 20 m or 30 m length with meter marks.
  • GFK Semi Flexible Rod with integrated cable, 5, 20 or 30 meters.
  • Extensive accessories.

Application Areas

Due to the flexible design of the system and the range of accessories, the VIS400 is suitable for a wide variety of inspection applications such as :

  • Chimney and duct inspections.
  • Air-conditioning / ductwork inspections.
  • Pipeline inspections using the semi rigid GFK rods & wagon.
  • Search & Rescue applications, mine shafts, wells, etc.
  • Automotive applications for difficult to reach areas.
  • Connection to endoscopes for non destructive testing.
  • Aircraft fuselage & tank inspections.
  • Chamber inspections & large boiler tanks.
  • Inspection of welds and seams in vessels.
  • Contraband & drug detection.
  • Security & surveillance applications.

Option of Black 6mm Push Rod & Red Push 7mm Rod

Your Wohler Viper 42 Counter rod cage can be supplied with your choice of rod stiffness :

  • Unlimited applications Pipes, Chimney and duct inspections.

Black 6mm Fiberglass Push Rod









Red 7mm Fiberglass Push Rod








VIS400 Pro Push – Professional System

The VIS400 100 foot push rod on reel Viper Kit includes a VIS400 7 inch TFT full color monitor w/leather case and carry strap, 2 inch full color, pan & tilt camera head, 2 GB SD card, guidance sleeve, camera roller guide with protection cage, 100 foot 7mm video rod, reel with stand and distance counter, power supply, and XXL case.

The carry strap around your neck and the monitor in front of your chest, one hand guides the camera cable, the other precisely controls the camera head via the typical Wohler keypad: That is how stable the new Wohler VIS 400 video inspection system is and how easy it is to work with while inspecting chimneys standing on steep roofs or inspecting house supply lines. Modular by design, it is possible to combine the Wohler VIS 400 camera system with a variety of camera vipers, camera cables and camera heads. For instance, simply connect either the Wohler 2″ did or the 1 1/2″ dia pan & tilt camera head to carry out an all-round inspection of the inside of the pipe. The camera pans 360°, tilts 180° and offers the best-possible lighting.

Particularly practical: After panning and tilting, the home function automatically aligns the angle of the 1 1/2″ dia color camera to straight ahead with a simple push of a button. View, speak and save It is possible to make a video recording of the inspected line run. When damage is discovered, it is possible to begin the voice recording function to annotate the recording. Moreover, the voice recording function proves particularly practical at the beginning of a recording, because it helps afterwards to assign a recording to a specific inspection. As well as recording sequences of pictures it is also possible to quickly shoot and save a photo also at the press of a button. Knowing where really matters to be able to assess and specifically target repair work, Wohler have perfected the technique of precisely locating the camera head. The actual meter count and the position of the head are displayed in the monitor. The top and bottom of the pipe are displayed on the monitor at all times, even if the camera is being guided up or down or if it is moving left or right. It is even possible to locate the 1 1/2″ dia color camera head wirelessly – utilizing the new Wohler L 200 Locator.

MonitorTFT display: 7" / 16:9 format
Power Supply12 V NiMH rechargeable battery, 2.000 mAh
Operation Time with Battery2 h (battery status in display)
Distance MeasurementDigital meter counter in conjunction with the camera viper and calble reel
Storage2 GB SD card (2.5 h recording capacity)
InterfaceMini USB port
Operating Temperature31 to 104°F
Storage Temperature-4 to 122°F
Housing Dimensions without Pouch8" x 8" x 2"
Housing Dimensions with Pouch9" x 9" x 3"
WeightWithout pouch 3 lbs; with pouch 4 lbs
Connection, StandStandard

Wöhler VIS 400 Adv Set Push Camera 30Mtr

The carry strap around your neck and the monitor in front of your chest, one hand guides the camera cable, the other precisely controls the pan and tilt camera head via the typical Wohler keypad: That is how stable the new Wohler VIS 400 video inspection camera is and how easy it is to work with while standing on steep roofs inspecting chimneys or during pipeline and sewer inspections. From chimney sweeps to plumbers, the Wohler VIS 400 is a must have when it comes to video inspection equipment.

Wide range of applications

Analyze damage and inspect:

  • Flue gas systems
  • Building drains, house connections
  • Ventilation systems

Product benefits

  • Modular system – components are modular by design to support extensive expansion options
  • Pan & Tilt color camera heads with integrated power lighting easily negotiate bends in the line
  • Digital meter counter with a resolution of 0.04 m, displayed on the monitor (with Wöhler camera viper or cable reel)
  • Mini USB port for data transmissions

Modular system design

Put your camera system together to suit your requirements and wishes.

  • Cable reel or viper
  • Camera heads:
    • Ø 51 mm color camera head, pan- & tiltable
    • Ø 40 mm color camera head, pan- & tiltable
    • Ø 26 mm color camera head for smaller pipe diameters


Integrated video output – simply record and store photos, videos and voice annotations on a 2 GB SD card for documentation and archiving purposes for you and your customers.


1 x Wöhler Camera Viper with push rod 30m, Ø6.5mm
1 x Wöhler Camera Head Ø40 mm detachable, pan and tilt
1 x Aluminium Case XXL 48 x 27 x 48 cm
1 x Wöhler VIS 400 Color Monitor EN
1 x Camera Roller Guide
1 x Protection Sleeve for Wöhler Camera Head Ø 40 mm
1 x Replacement Plastic Domes (10 pcs.) for Wöhler Camera Head Ø40mm

Wöhler VIS 400 Pro Set Push Cam 20Mtr


  • Wöhler Camera Viper with push rod 20m, Ø7 mm
  • Wöhler Camera Head Ø51mm detachable, pan & tilt
  • Camera roller guide with protection cage for camera head Ø51 mm
  • Aluminium Case XXL 48 x 27 x 48 cm
  • Wöhler Stabilization Sleeve
  • Wöhler VIS 400 Color Monitor EN

Wöhler VIS 400 Std Pan / Tilt Set 20Mtr


– Wöhler VIS 400 color TFT monitor 7″ with 2GB SD card and power supply
– Protection bag with glare protector and shoulder belt
– Pan & tilt camera head Ø 51 mm
– Soft Coaxial Camera cable 20 m (with depth markings)
– Power supply
– Plastic case

Wöhler VIS400 Coax Cable Standard Set

This extremely handy and portable Wohler VIS400 PAL Cable camera system is perfect for your inspection jobs that require a cable to be dangled down into a creviceIn fact the system can be adapted to a mixture of accessories and configured to suit your particular inspection requirement. Soft coaxial cables are avaliable in lengths of 20, 30 & 50Mtrs take your pick. This system priced and described in this listing is our 20Mtr VIS400 Cable camera system. Easy to operate and offers beautiful clear images showing the date and time of your inspection. Just put on the strap with the monitor in front of your chest to free up your hands. The inspectioncan be taken both as a video or photo with the option also to include voice recorded comments during the inspection.
Wöhler VIS 400 Standard Set Comes with:

– Wöhler VIS 400 Color TFT monitor 7″ with 2GB SD card and power supply
– Protection bag with glare protector and shoulder belt
– Pan & Tilt camera head Ø 51 mm
– Camera cable 20 m
– Power Supply
– Plastic Suit Case


Color Monitor VIS2000PRO

With integrated Compact Flash card for direct capturing of still images of moving video sequences. Includes card reader, leather protection bag with glare shield and shoulder strap, power supply.



Color Monitor VIS2000

High resolution flat screen monitor in rugged housing with camera controls. Includes leather protection bag with glare protection and shoulder strap, power supply.


Camera Viper Reel

The camera viper is used to reel in and contain the semi rigid GFK camera rod with integrated cable. The camera can be pushed through horizontal ducts or cavities with the rod. Both the VIS2000 and 26mm color camera heads can be used with the fiberglass push rods and the Viper Reel.

  • Low weight.
  • Easy handling.
  • Built in video transmission cables.
  • 2 m connection cable to the monitor.
  • Suitable for different length camera rods.

Cable reel for VIS2000

The compact cable reel with built in video cables offers easy handling of the cable, monitor and camera head.

  • For cables up to 30 m in length.
  • Mounting device for LCD monitor.
  • 2 m connection cable to the monitor.
  • Cable reel with shoulder strap.
  • Connection cable for monitor. (Cable for VIS 2000 not included with reel).

Roller Guide for Pan / Tilt Camera Head

This roller guide enables the user to insert the camera head into confined spaces or pipes without damaging the glass protective cover and minimizing insertion resistance through the use of miniature roller castors.

Transport Case for VIS2000

This compact aluminium transport case houses all accessories for the VIS2000

51mm Camera Head LED Supplementary Illumination

For VIS2000 51mm Pan / Tilt Camera head. Kit includes battery pack with four Mignon batteries, 1.5V in Cordura bag. The supplementary light ring is pushed onto the color camera head.


Camera Spring Guide

A special steel spring prohibits distortion and weaving of the camera head inside chambers and ducts. Adjustable for a wide range of openings.

  • For camera head VIS 2000 and 26mm Colour Camera Head.
  • Adjustable for a wide range of tube and chamber diameters.

Camera Holder for Viper Rods

The camera holder is used in connection with a fiberglass push rod and Viper for the inspection of vertical and horizontal ducts. The camera can be fitted inside (as shown) for upwards or downwards viewing as required. It is possible to survey the chamber from the bottom without being dazzled by the daylight through the opening.

  • Flexible construction for small openings.
  • Camera holder for Camera head VIS 2000 and Mini-Spring with ready mounted cable to connect monitor.
  • Upward or downward viewing is possible.
  • Inspection of chambers and ducts from the bottom to the top.
  • With connector for an adjustable star, which centers. the camera inside the chamber.

26mm Colour Camera

For inspections of chambers, ventilation ducts and mains with small openings. The 26mm colour camera head is seen in the top picture with the fiberglass semi-rigid rod and the Viper Reel.

The color 26mm camera heads are completely waterproof to IP68 standards and can be connected to either the flexible coaxial cable and reel unit for vertical shaft applications or to the fiberglass push rod for horizontal applications where the unit will be pushed into position inside a chamber.

The 26mm color camera head has a light sensitivity of 0.5 lux

The 26mm Colour camera head and 51mm colour camera head share the same connector type and can therefore be interchanged between the flexible cable and fiberglass rods.

  • Extremely flexible head for small bends.
  • Ideal for inspection of chambers and ventilation ducts where access is restricted.
  • Color camera head 26mm Ø, 63 mm length.
  • No remote control of camera orientation.
  • Bright lighting, 8 W.
  • Waterproof to 3 bar in accordance with IP 68.
  • Wide angled 120dg lens with 2,5mm for large depth of field.
  • No manual focussing required.
  • Fiberglass Rods available in 20 & 30 Meter lengths. In rod diamters of 6.5 black and 7.0mm red

26mm Colour Camera Head Side View Mirror

Provides 90 degree partial picture for inspection of side walls in pipes and around corners

26mm Colour Camera Head Protective Sleeve

To protect the 26mm camera head during operation in harsh environments


Centering Star, 15, 20 & 25cm

To be attached to flexible section of 26mm colour camera heads or fiberglass push rods. Designed to hold camera head in center of pipe or away from walls.

Goose Neck for 26mm colour camera head & 51mm pan/ tilt

For VIS 2000 Pan / Tilt camera heads along with 26mm color and b/w heads. Length of the gooseneck is 1 meter plus 1 meter connection cable. The Flex & Stay Gooseneck remains in bent position allowing easy inspection of difficult to reach areas.

Camera Wagon

For the easy insertion of the VIS2000 camera head into pipes or ducts. This unit can be pushed into any pipe or duct using the fiberglass rod which is connected directly to the camera head. Once in position, the operator can manoeuvre the 51mm camera head inside the protective cover with the joystick to achieve the required view.

Camera wagons are available in two sizes.

Colour Technoscope Camera Adapter

In connection with the wide range of INLINE Systems Technoscopes and Fibrescopes, the CCD colour camera adapter offers the possibility to view and document inspections of confined spaces. Application areas with limited access points or small diameter openings such as in walls cavities, ventilation systems, cavities.

  • Documentation of inspections.
  • Integrated power supply for endoscope lighting.


For inspections where the opening to the chamber is too small for the mini spring camera head, an industrial endoscope or technoscope can be used in conjunction with the adapter described above. These Technoscopes are ideal for automotive and building inspections where small diameter openings are common such as spark plug ports or through openings in brickwork.

      • Compatible with the VIS2000 Technoscope camera adapter.
      • Technoscopes available in 6mm & 8mm diameters.
      • Working lengths, 165, 230 & 385mm.
      • Viewing Directions, 90 Degrees.
      • Field of View, 56 Degrees.
      • High intensity Krypton globes for super bright light.
      • High quality achromatic lens system for bright clear and sharp images.
      • Focussing eyepiece to guarantee sharp images every time.
      • Battery life, approximately 1 hour of constant use.
MonitorSize: 21 x 13 x 65 cm
LED-DisplayNew super bright LED display providing a modern bright image
Video-Out FBAS signal
Weight1950 g
BatteryNiMH rechargeable
Operation Time with BatteryApprox. 2 h
Camera HeadType: Camera head color CCD
Sensitivity 0.4 lux
Field of View98° x 75°
Splash Water ProofAccording to IP 64
Lighting4 x bulbs, 6 x LED white
SizeØ 51 mm x 99 mm
Weight240 g

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Building Inspection, Councils, Customs, Mining, Search & Rescue


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