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WOHLER - VIS350 26mm Camera

The Wohler VIS350 26mm Forward View Camera Head System is a compact and advanced drain camera system that illuminates dark spaces allowing you to take a closer look inside drain and sewer pipes, ideal for plumbers and drainage contractors.

The industrial camera kit features a colour camera head, with your choice of optional articulating eyeball colour camera or 26mm forward view colour camera, both offering a super bright image on the kits 7” LCD display. The super bright video can be recorded directly onto the removable SD card for your reports. The camera can record your live video and also record the time and the depth of the job all in one inspection task. The result is a compact, portable, robust video camera system suitable for all plumbing, sewer and drainage applications.

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Product Description

VIS350 Pan/Tilt or 26mm colour drain camera kits

The waterproof 40 mm & 26mm camera heads are a perfect choice for your task ahead giving you an inside view inside drainage and sewerage pipes.

The innovative design of the VIS350 drain inspection camera provides super bright LED lighting and very simple common sense operation all in one heavy duty and very portable plastic carrying case. A crystal clear picture is displayed on the 7” wide LCD colour monitor so you can quickly identify problems before they occur. The pipe camera also comes standard with a built in analogue RCA video out for viewing and further documentation onto other electronic recording and display devices (USB output is also included in the kit). The power supply offers simultaneous operation and battery recharging of its 2 x NiMH battery packs that each provide 50 minutes of continuous operation.

Application areas

A wide range of applications analyse damage and inspect with ease:

  • Waste water lines of Ø 2″ and larger
  • House connections up to Ø 8″
  • Flue gas systems of Ø 2″ and larger
  • Ventilation lines of ventilation systems
  • False ceilings, hollow spaces, shafts


  • Video inspection system that has proven itself over many years in the market place.
  • Position of camera head angle indicated in the display
  • 4 hour flexibility – 2 rechargeable batteries for lasting inspection mobility
  • Built-in 8.5Hz location transmitter inside of camera head facilitates wireless location detection


3636 J Pan & tilt camera head 40 mm Ø

Replacement 40mm pan tilt camera head.


7430 J L200 8.9Khz locator

Use to locate the position of the camera head underground.


40mm Drain Camera Head Protector

To protect the camera head during operation in harsh environments. It also saves the replacement plastic domes from being easily scuffed.


Colour 26mm Camera Head

The 26mm colour camera head has a light sensitivity of 0.5 lux.

  • Extremely flexible head for small bends.
  • Ideal for inspection of drains & sewers where access is restricted.
  • Colour camera head 26mm Ø, 63 mm length.
  • No remote control of camera orientation.
  • Waterproof to 3 bar in accordance with IP 68.
  • Wide angled lens 120dg with a large depth of field.
  • Illumination is with 12 white LED’s
  • No manual focussing required.

Drain camera features at a glance

  • Very affordable price
  • Complete mobile set in a rugged case with 2 x batteries
  • Camera Head options are: 360° pan- and 180° pan tilt camera head, or 26mm forward view colour camera head
  • Fully encapsulated waterproof 40 & 26mm colour camera heads that are able to easily negotiate 90°-bends
  • Optional accessories include 33Hz sonde to determine your exact location, head protectors for both 40 & 26mm camera heads & roller ball to lift and guide the camera heads
  • Versatile applications (pipes from 40mm and upwards) drainage / sewer / plumbing
  • High Resolution 7″ TFT colour monitor for brilliant pictures
  • Monitor comes with 2m cable for “out of case” operation
  • Integrated USB and RCA video output and for documentation purposes
  • 2 Rechargeable batteries for approximately 50 minutes of working time
  • Semi Flexible 6.0mm Fibreglass Push Rod with integrated cable up to a maximum of 30 meters
  • Extensive accessories

Kit Contents

The VIS350 drain camera kit is delivered complete with a high resolution 7″ LCD display colour monitor, a 2 metre flexible cable for “out of case” operation, a 30 metre GFK semi rigid push rod, and your choice of 26 mm forward view or 40 mm Pan / Tilt colour camera head, 2 rechargeable batteries, AC/DC plug pack charger all housed inside a rugged transport case.


We offer a comprehensive range of Wohler replacement accessories and spare parts for your existing video inspection systems.


Wöhler 26mm Camera Head

Replacement 26mm Diameter Forward View Colour Camera Head for VIS350 Kits




Wöhler 40mm Pan/Tilt Camera Head

Replacement 40mm Diameter Pan & Tilt Colour Camera Head for VIS350 Kits



Replacement Camera Head Domes

Replacement plastic dome covers for 40mm Pan & Tilt camera head. 10 pieces per carton including silicone grease.





Wöhler Battery 12 V NiMh 2600 mAh

VIS 2xx / VIS 3xx operation time: 120 min





Wöhler 51mm Pan/Tilt Camera Head

Replacement 51mm Diameter Pan & Tilt Colour Camera Head for VIS400 Kits.






Wöhler 26mm Head Protector

Camera Head Protector for 26mm Colour Camera Head for VISXX Kits.









Wöhler 26mm Head Outer Protector

Ideal for stopping the wear and tear of the 26mm camera head body. Gives the camera head 5mm of lift off a pipe or floor surface.





Wöhler 30Mtr Coaxial Cable

30Mtr Coaxial Cable with distance markings and male to male plug connectors for use with 40 or 51mm Pan and Tilt camera heads.






Wöhler 10Mtr Coaxial Cable

10Mtr Coaxial Cable with distance markings and male to male plug connectors for use with 40 or 51mm Pan and Tilt camera heads.





Wöhler 40mm Head Protector

40mm Camera Head protector for 40mm Pan & Tilt Camera Heads





“ALS Industrial Power Services provide engineering constancy and inspection services to the majority of power generators around Australia. Having capable and reliable inspection cameras is critical to our business, and for this reason we have always used the Wohler brand of camera for the past 10yrs supplied through INLINE. One of the key advantages of using INLINE is their local repair facility and stockholding of spare parts. On most occasions when equipment is damaged we are able to have it repaired and back on the job in minimal time. INLINE’s ongoing support to our business is excellent and I would recommend them to any business that relies heavily on their inspection equipment.”

Greg Fletcher, Business Manager of ALS Industrial Division & Power Services

Size Housing18 x 11 x 3 cm
TFT-Display18 cm / 16:9 format
Video-OutFBAS, RCA plug
Weight400 g
Sensor Type1/3" Color CCD
Sensitivity0.5 lux
Field of View120°
Light Source 12 white LEDs
ProtectionWaterproof according to IP67
SizeØ 40 mm x 60 mm
Length30 m
Diameter6 mm
VIS 340Electronic distance measurement
Current Supply2 x 12 V NiMH batteries or mains supply
Battery LifetimeTyp. 45 min. per battery
Heavy Duty Carrying CaseSize: 51 x 43 x 18 cm (l x w h)
Weight8 kg

Councils, Mining, Plumbing, Search & Rescue




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