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Universal Borescopes

Universal Borescopes

With the advent of modern technology, the use of borescopes is becoming more and more common in almost every industry sector. A small selection of these application areas in which borescopes can be used include preventative maintenance, production control, inspection tasks, guarantee claims assessment, consulting, checkup and adjustment aids, etc.

No matter in which industries these are used, from automotive and aircraft maintenance to building inspections, pharmaceutical plants to beverage industries, construction work and power plants to police and customs control, military applications along with insurance and environmental applications, the Flexilux range of universal borescopes will provide you with the right tool for the job.

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Cost effective solutions

To ensure that the Flexilux Borescopes are suitable for tomorrow’s tasks as well as today’s, a modular concept has been used which allows the system to adapt to new inspection requirements without the need to purchase new equipment.

Flexilux Universal offers the ideal solution for multiple inspections with a maximum of future security and a minimum price. For each universal endoscope between 4 mm and 14 mm, there are 6 different lenses available, thereby enabling the viewing direction and field of view to be changed within seconds. When used in combination with the various mirror and lens tubes along with extension tubes, there are more than 200 combinations.


Flexilux Fixed Prism Borescopes

Flexilux fixed prism Borescopes are lower cost high quality instruments. With their pre-determined lengths and viewing directions they are ideal for repetitive single application inspections. Their design, which employs several layers of tube makes them extremely robust and they are completely sealed and resistant to water, aviation fuels, temperature changes and other environmental conditions. Naturally we offer these instruments in a comprehensive range of working diameters, lengths, field of view and viewing directions.

Flexilux Universal Borescopes

These instruments are designed to withstand tough industrial use. High grade stainless steel tubes are built up in a sandwich construction to achieve maximum stability. Each component in the system is temperature resistant to 150°C.

Our computer based lens designs are being constantly updated to allow the use of the latest optical materials. Anti reflection coatings are optimized for easy viewing with the eye and enhanced results using TV and still cameras. Every Flexilux endoscope incorporates a fine focussing control allowing adjustment of working distance from practically zero to infinity regardless of the lens employed.

Additional illumination fibres and high light transmission lens systems combine to compensate for the light loss between the basic unit and the lens. Smaller diameter endoscopes incorporate a light amplification cone to maximize transmission. Basic units come in a wide range of diameters and lengths making the unique Flexilux Universal System the essential choice for any user who has or expects to have more than one application.




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