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Mining Fibrescope

Mining Fibrescope in use

Mining fiberscopes are for use in colliery roof and floor control. Inspect roof and floor lithology, crack patterns, fracturing and rock types using the high resolution fibrescope technology.

The mining fiberscopes are constructed for tough industrial handling, comprising of five layers of protective coverings. Stainless steel, nylon, PVC & silicon protect the fiber bundle from external damage and ingress of water or dust. The sheathing offers excellent resistance to crushing, over bending and stretching. The fiber bundle itself represents state of the art in fiber technology with a unique single fused quartz fiber made up of thousands of individual image points or pixels all having a diameter of just 3 microns. Schoelly mining scopes can also be built to your desired custom length and diameter depending on your application, we recommend a standard 14mm diameter with proven robust construction.

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Working Diameter14 mm
Available Working Lengths6, 8, 10 meters
Fixed ObjectiveViewing direction 90° f.o.v 60°, intensified distal end
Image BundleQuartz 30.000 pixel
Tube Construction4-ply protection tube standard with outer plastic tube with fluorescent marking every 200 mm showing indication of measurement
Tip ControlWithout deflection
Light Connection"Cap-lamp" adapter to screw on ACM connection
InterfaceAt the light guide connection to the "cap-lamp" adapter with coarse thread