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RCU - Borehole Camera - 500 Mtrs

The MIS500 motor driven borehole inspection camera is designed to withstand the toughest of conditions. The inspection system features a rugged manual winch that allows the cable to reach up to 500 metres. The integrated camera relays high quality images and the robust controller is easy to use. For more information on our range of borehole inspection cameras please feel free to contact us today.

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Product Description

MIS500 Features

  • Complete borehole inspection unit composed by an rugged electric winch, a video camera and a controller with monitor and recording system. The MIS-500 can be used with downview cameras, like Inspecam LX or sideview cameras, like R Dual The MIS-500 is suitable for inspection vehicles.


  • Polyurethane jacket. Diameter 8 mm, aramid reinforcing.


  • Adjustable, fixed to camera. Min-max diameter 80-340mm


  • Inspecam LX (downview) or Inspecam R Dual (rotating + downview)


  • 7-17″standard or sunlight readable/ laptop and/or DVR.


  • Tripod with sheave
  • Counter on screen with text generator
  • GPS overlay
MIS500 Motorized Inspection System
MaterialStainless steel
TransmissionWorm gear / emergency cranck for manual operation
Level WindAutomatic
Supply230 V 50-60 Hz / 12V with inverter
MotorAC 250 W gear motor
Speed ControllerProgrammable inverter
Rotational Speed0 - 25 rpm
BrakeDisc brake with manual caliper
Cable CounterIntegrated, as overlay text, in feet or meters
Size/Empty Weight590 x 610 x 885 mm / 105 kg
Capacity500 meters
Supply100 - 250 V, 12 V or 24 V
OutputsVideo and USB
InputsKeyboard (only with counter) GPS
Light DimmerPotentiometer
RecordingExternal DVR or on laptop

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