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ZEPCAM - Body Camera T2+

Capture video, audio and GPS with the T2+, a robust body camera with superior video quality, secure storage and unique video management features. It offers up to 12 hours battery life, improved image quality, 64GB device storage and the latest AES256 security standard.

Zepcam offers a full package with all necessary hard- and software for effective operation and a secure, safe environment. Besides body camera systems, Zepcam provides you with smart docking stations, hosting, storage, user friendly management software and best-of-class customer support.


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Product Description

Features & benefits

  • Capture video: Compact, easy to use and robust body camera solutions.
  • Dock & upload: Smart docking stations for data exchange and fast recharge of your bodycams.
  • Hosting & storage: Store and manage your data stand-alone, with Zepcam Cloud or on your own server. Our open platform solution ensures easy 3rd party integration.
  • View & manage: With Zepcam Manager you have easy access to video and other forensic data. This solution is 100% secure from end to end.

Smart docking stations

The only docking station commercially available today with integrated SSD storage capacity. It enables data buffering for network capacity optimization and allows fast and economic bodycam battery recharging.

  • 4 or 8 bay
  • 4 hour charging time
  • Gigabit ethernet to server
  • LED feedback of bodycam status
  •  ID configurable
  •  Latest AES 256 security standard


Zepcam Manager

Best-of-class software for video, user, device and storage management. With many functionalities enabling officers to quickly access and utilize video footage to ensure transparent operations and access to forensic data.

  • Manage users and devices
  • Manage video evidence
  • Easy, secure and scalable
  • API for integration


ZEPCAM Stand Alone

By making use of this smart NUC based solution you can run your ZEPCAM solution without needing access to internet. Carry your own database and ZEPCAM Manager suite in a ruggedized hard case, just hook on your laptop and you are ready to manage your body camera supported operation in even the most remote areas.


Zepcam Cloud is the standard cloud-based solution to run Zepcam Manager and enables you to remotely manage all your body cameras. It is fast, efficient and easy to use. Zepcam Cloud can easily be integrated with existing video management systems using our API. View and manage all your cameras, fixed and mobile, in the software, your organization is used to and has invested in.

ZEPCAM On-Premise

For security or management reasons you may opt for own server-based solutions. For this we can assist you with Zepcam On-premise. A tailored solution to let you run Zepcam Manager on your own hardware.

ZEPCAM Integration

We can link our solutions to your existing management software. Zepcam offers integrations with the leading Video Management Systems like Genetec Security Center, Milestone, Cisco VSOM, OnSSi/Seetec and several others.

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Military, Police, Search & Rescue, Surveillance


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