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ONE Intraoral X-ray Sensor

ONE Intraoral X-ray Sensor

The One sensor is a direct USB intra-oral sensor, with no control box that plugs directly into a PC. The sensor is easy to move between rooms and is comfortable for the patient due to its ergonomic design.

One is an intra-oral sensor equipped with CMOS technology. Its technology and design have been conceived to adapt perfectly to your practice. The rounded corners and bevelled edges of the device provide you and your patient a true ease of positioning.

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Direct USB Intra-oral Sensor

  • All-in-One design, ergonomic sensor with leading edge CMOS technology
  • Simple, easy installation. Direct USB connection and 3 metre cable.
  • Save images directly into the patients dental plan.


Thanks to its direct USB connection, the One sensor is very easy to use in a single or multi workstation set-up. The length of the cable (3 metres) affords greater flexibility of installation, regardless of the layout of your practice.


The One sensor is completely water-tight allowing a complete choice of disinfection methods. One is suitable for spraying, dipping and more.


With One, you can equip your practice with a device boasting the very latest CMOS technology at a very affordable price. This compact technology is the mark of highly reliable equipment.


The One sensor is available in two sizes (#1 and #2) to suit your working methods. It can be used for periodontics, endodontics, prosthetic, implant surgery and the diagnosis of tooth decay.

A single tool for all your intra-oral xrays.

Surprisingly compact for easy daily use, One direct usb intraoral sensors come in two sizes :

  • T1 = 600 mm2 (active area).
  • T2 = 900 mm2 (active area).

Ease of use and high definition.

Precision, readability, adaptability: decisive advantages with an extremely high definition >25 lp/mm, One sensors reflect the very latest advances in digital technology (CMOS).

Practical and effective, One is universal and replaces every other traditional positioning system for all intra-oral xrays.

  • For endodontics, in vertical mode with integral alveolar retro images.
  • In horizontal mode in “Bitewing” format to display with ease up to 4 teeth (with the Size 2 sensor).
  • Result: simple to use, easier diagnosis.

Visualise directly the orientation of the sensor during the selected image acquisition and take advantage of all the treatment and diagnostic possibilities of the Owandy Software.

SensorCMOS full size technology
Cable Length3 meters
Pixel Size20 μm
Size 1 Pixels Count1.500 Lines x 1.000 Pixels
Size 2 Pixels Count1.700 Lines x 1.300 Pixels
Resolution25 LP/mm
Size 1 Active Area30mm x 20mm (600 sq. mm)
Size 1 External Dimensions39mm x 25mm x 5mm
Size 2 Active Area34mm x 26mm (900 sq. mm)
Size 2 External Dimensions43mm x 31mm x 5mm
Greyscale14 Bit / 16.384 levels of grey
HygieneSensor soak proof, disposable sleeves
Computer ConnectionUSB 2.0 High Speed (480 Mbit/s) and USB 3.0
CertificationTGA, CE / MPG (93/42 EEC), IPX7

Product Sheet – ONE Intraoral X-Ray Sensor