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What our customers say




Dr Michael Cahill, Freshwater Dental, Freshwater NSW

“Since 2001 I have purchased three pairs of loupes, two of which have been SurgiTel from INLINE Medical & Dental. The key factor for me to purchase SurgiTel over any other brand was because I knew they would be excellent in quality, comfortable and offer value service, and the price was good as well!

Since purchasing my new 5.5x magnification loupes and additional headlight, I find I am able to provide my patients with the best quality of care. The higher magnification of 5.5x allows for better attention to detail, especially in complex restorative and molar endodontic, which I have an interest in. My headlight is also fantastic! It allows for optimal lighting in those areas of the mouth that are usually difficult to see in that regard.

These loupes have definitely alleviated back and neck pain and allowed for posture improvements. They are also more comfortable as they are lighter than my previous loupes.

I could not be happier with my new loupes. They are well worth the investment and make coming to work a pleasure.”


Dr Isidoro Ferlito, Orchard Dental, Carlingford NSW

“The most striking difference between these new SurgiTel loupes and my old loupes is they are custom fit, fit well, and do not require regular adjusting. The ability to choose any working length for any magnification was the key factor for me choosing SurgiTel over other brands of loupes.

The loupes alleviate back and neck pain and allow for perfect posture due to customisable working length. In addition to this they are ‘more comfortable’ than I was expecting as the weight is barely noticeable.

I can see far more than I used to. I can locate canals much more easily and pick up very fine details. I bought them for endodontics but now use them for all procedures. They are definitely a great addition to your practice.”


Dr Tommie Strydon, Park Beach Dental, Coffs Harbour NSW

I use loupes for all procedures. The set I had previous to these was heavy, uncomfortable and had a very short depth of field. I’ve been using SurgiTel loupes for the past 3 months and the difference is dramatic. You wouldn’t even know you are wearing them.”

It feels like wearing just a pair of regular sports frames. The magnification lenses are so small and lightweight I forget they’re even on. This is a night-and-day difference from the old style heavy and uncomfortable loupes that many dentists have had to force themselves to wear.”


Dr Sandra Short, Dentartistry, Double Bay NSW

“I have been using loupes for over 20 years. I have about 4 pair but most are in a box. The only ones I use now are my SurgiTel loupes and light. I use them all the time and it has not altered my vision at all. I do not suffer from neck problems and frankly I can’t work without them. Recently I did some charity work in the Maasai Mara Africa with the Unconventional Convention group of doctors and dentists. It was field work under rough conditions. We had very limited equipment however I was confident that I could see properly with my SurgiTel loupes and light. This made it possible to work in these conditions.
SurgiTel have given me outstanding service over the years even supplying a replacement light when mine needed repair. This is what makes me a very satisfied customer.”