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Odyssey Wireless Headlights

Odyssey Wireless Headlights

SurgiTel’s Micro and Mini LED headlights are now both available in Wireless versions, offering the brightest LED headlights available today. Built using SurgiTel’s proprietary achromatic beam, this technology creates a clear, even light which is easy on the eyes.

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Product Description

NEW Odyssey Wireless Micro & Mini LED’s

Features & Benefits

  • Self contained / portable.
  • High quality, achromatic beam which produces a clear, even beam at all distances with a clear edge.
  • Reduced blue light in both colour options, which is safer for the clinician.
  • Has both Micro and Mini optic options.
  • Touch Control functions: Three brightness levels On/Off
  • On/Off switch lock

Features of all SurgiTel LEDs

  • Best beam uniformity with patented optics
  • Consistent beam pattern over working distance range
  • Advanced lithium battery for consistent light output
  • Patented optics create superior beam quality
  • Colour options to adapt to your work
  • Smallest and lightest LED headlight
  • Lithium battery pack provides light for 8 hours
  • Adjustable brightness knob
  • Fits on SurgiTel and other telescopes, frames, or headbands
  • Optimal colour balance provides true colours and reduces eye strain
  • Co-axial design produces shadowless work space

Odyssey Wireless LED comes with your choice of SurgiTel LED optics











The SurgiTel Micro 3 Watt LED is the latest generation of portable LED headlight systems offering high-quality, uniform beams using the SurgiTel patent-pending beam forming optics. The Micro headlight is currently the lightest headlight in the SurgiTel range and was designed as the perfect compliment to the MicroLine Loupes. Suitable for magnifications of 2.5x, 3.0x & 3.5x.











The Mini LED

The Odyssey Mini LED is a high-intensity focussed beam light system designed to be the most comfortable fitting headlight available. This light system is designed to better match the field of higher magnification loupes of 4.5x and above.

SurgiTel’s Superior Beam Pattern and Enhanced Colour Accuracy