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Everyday Procedures - 2.5x & 3.0x

Everyday Procedures - Galilean Loupes 2.5x & 3x

SurgiTel’s Micro 250/300 loupes are the perfect fit for the practitioner looking for the lightest & most comfortable levels of magnification, and bigger field sizes in a smaller lens system.

  • Lightest and most comfortable full featured loupe without sacrificing optical quality.
  • The significantly reduced size of the micro loupe provides both increased peripheral vision and a reduced load on the bridge of the nose.
  • Exceptional depth of field, allowing for maintenance of a healthy upright posture.
  • SurgiTels’ErgoVision HD Optics provide the highest quality, high-definition glass optics deliver an exceptionally bright, crisp image.

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Mounting Options

Front Lens Mount or Through the Lens?

Front Lens Mount allows for best posture and is most suitabe for users requiring prescription.

Why best posture? Patented vertical adjustment in front lens mounted loupes allows for a fully adjustable declination angle for optimum neck posture and visual alignment. The vertical slide double hinge combination allows loupe to be fully adjustable and perfectly aligned, unlike other loupes, which are only semi-adjustable, leading to misalignment and compromised posture.

Through The Lens allows for a slightly larger field of view and are slightly lighter than front lens mounted version.

Which frame will I choose?

SurgiTel offers multiple loupe frames to choose from for your Front-Lens-Mounted (FLM) or Through-the-Lens loupes (TTL), including both the Oakley® line and SurgiTel’s own custom-engineered Aero and ComfortFlex Frame.

SurgiTel Frame Choices

Aero 2.0: This high quality, lightweight titanium frame achieves an angle of declination in excess of 45-degrees (not applicable to 3.5x magnification and above.) The ergonomic design allows the wearer to sit or stand in a more upright position, reducing neck tension.

  • Patented aero frame tilt which allows for an increased declination angle and optimum neck posture.
  • Asian fit nose pads available upon request for optimum fit on low nose bridges
  • Lightweight titanium with soft grip temple arms
  • Full range of prescriptive lenses can be incorporated
  • Three year frame warranty
  • Available in black, silver, red, blue, purple/green, pink, and tortoise shell


ComfortFlex: SurgiTel’s new ComfortFlex frame offers maximum comfort and flexibility to accommodate a full range of magnifications and prescriptions. SurgiTel loupes are lighter and allow for better posture than competitor loupes as a result of their patented ergonomic features.
  • Ultra light frame weighing less than 25 grams
  • Supremely comfortable, with flexible temple arms
  • Special Ultem arm material adapts to the user and resists any misalignment
  • Accommodates all prescription types
  • Accommodates 2.5x and 3.0x magnifications
  • Comes in ‘Velvet Red with Pink Accents’ or in ‘Grey with Black Accents’

In both cases your prescription lenses can then be supplied and fitted by your local optometrist and, most importantly, can be updated as and when required with minimum down-time and cost.


Ergo Max: This is SurgiTel’s latest premium frame design for the best vision and maximum ergonomics. The Ergo Max Frame (patent pending) has polymer/metal temple arms with a special nose pad for strength and comfort. The sturdy, titanium build supports any loupe power, including 8.0x. The unique lens design supports an extreme declination angle for a truly custom, ergonomic fit alleviating chronic back and neck pain. Up to 45 degrees is achievable for TTL Mount Loupes.This is steeper than competitor brand through the lens loupes, such as Orascoptic loupes and Designs for Vision.

  • Ultra light frame
  • Supremely comfortable, with flexible temple arms
  • New breakthrough design for increased declination
  • Accommodates all prescription types
  • Accommodates all magnifications from 2.5x-8.0x
  • Available in Black or Silver

Oakley Frame Choices

SurgiTel’s partnership with Oakley, a recognised leader in performance eye wear, allows us to combine SurgiTel’s premium loupes with either the Aero or Oakley frames for unmatched quality, comfort and style.

  • Frame Construction Oakley loupe frames are made from lightweight, impact-absorbing materials that allow for superior durability, flexibility and comfort. Oakley is the most recognised high-performance frame company in the world.
  • Best Fit Oakley’s renowned 3-Point Fit not only delivers the stability and comfort you want in your frame, it also maximises optical alignment, giving you the sharp, accurate vision you need to work your best. The frame grips the whole face, providing added support and comfort. This comfortable and stationary fit provides the perfect foundation for adding illumination or video recording units.
  • Best Lenses and Protection Oakley’s High Definition Optics® (HDO®) lenses let you see clearer, sharper and without the magnification of ordinary lenses that act like prescription optics. With HDO®, you see everything exactly where it is, not the distorted and dull images of other lower quality Sports frames.


Available Oakley Frames

  • Oakley Radar EV – silver, sky blue, white, black, team blue, metallic red (FLM & TTL)
  • Oakley Flak Jacket 2.0 – black, sky blue,grey smoke, neon green (FLM & TTL)
  • Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 – black (TTL only)

Available Sports Frames

  • Sundog Prime – black, purple, white
  • Sundog Draw – black

Pictured above Sundog Draw


“Since 2001 I have purchased three pairs of loupes, two of which have been SurgiTel from INLINE Medical & Dental. The key factor for me to purchase SurgiTel over any other brand was because I knew they would be excellent in quality, comfortable and offer value service, and the price was good as well!

Since purchasing my new 5.5x magnification loupes and additional headlight, I find I am able to provide my patients with the best quality of care. The higher magnification of 5.5x allows for better attention to detail, especially in complex restorative and molar endodontic, which I have an interest in. My headlight is also fantastic! It allows for optimal lighting in those areas of the mouth that are usually difficult to see in that regard.

These loupes have definitely alleviated back and neck pain and allowed for posture improvements. They are also more comfortable as they are lighter than my previous loupes.

I could not be happier with my new loupes. They are well worth the investment and make coming to work a pleasure.”

Dr Michael Cahill – Freshwater Dental, Freshwater NSW

“The most striking difference between these new SurgiTel loupes and my old loupes is they are custom fit, fit well, and do not require regular adjusting. The ability to choose any working length for any magnification was the key factor for me choosing SurgiTel over other brands of loupes.

The loupes alleviate back and neck pain and allow for perfect posture due to customisable working length. In addition to this they are ‘more comfortable’ than I was expecting as the weight is barely noticeable.

I can see far more than I used to. I can locate canals much more easily and pick up very fine details. I bought them for endodontics but now use them for all procedures. They are definitely a great addition to your practice.”

Dr Isidoro Ferlito – Orchard Dental, Carlingford NSW

Depth-of-field (DoF) — achievable DoF will vary according to:

  • Eye accommodation capability
  • Working distance; longer working distance = longer DoF

Field Size (FS) — achievable FS will vary according to:

  • How close the ocular is to the eye
  • Working Distance; longer working distance = more FS

Eye Prescriptions

  • If you use any kind of prescriptive or corrective lenses (distance, reading, “pharmacy readers”), a current prescription should be provided for incorporation in your loupes in order for them to perform to specification.
  • The only exception to this is where the user elects to wear contact lenses.


  • Telescope, Oculars: 5 Years
  • Telescope, Assembly parts: Limit
  • Aero Titanium Frame: 3 years
  • Oakley Frames: 1 year


Product Sheet – SurgiTel Loupes

Q. Which magnification power should I choose?

A. That depends. If you are a first-time loupe user we generally recommend a 2.5 x magnification loupes. This will provide you a good balance between magnification and width of your field size. If you are an experienced user, the magnification increase that you want is whichever would make your procedures easier. To try out some different magnifications where you work, schedule a demo or an appointment by clicking the buttons to the left.

Q. What if I wear glasses?

A. No problem, we’ll get your prescription during your office fitting. For flip-up type mounting, we will put prescription lenses in your Titanium or Oakley frames when we build them. For through-the-lens mounting, the first lens of the ocular will have your prescription built right in.

Q. Galilean and Prism lenses — what’s the difference?

A. Without getting too technical, a prism lens is different from a Galilean lens in that it adds a miniature prism inside the telescope ocular. This allows you to obtain a bigger field size even at the higher magnification levels. Although traditional prism telescopes would be much heavier, our patented Compact-Prism design delivers very high magnification without adding on a whole lot of weight!

Q. Why do I need to wear loupes? I see just fine!

A. Even with perfect eyesight, you are missing lots of detail without magnification. Bending over to see better is not a solution! Your upper/lower back and your neck are significantly strained by this bad posture. With our light, high powered, wide view loupes you can both see and feel better.

Q. Can I wear a laser or x-ray filter with my loupes?

A. Yes. SurgiTel has designed a system that allows complete integration of laser filters, x-ray filters, loupes and even headlights.