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FUSSEN - HD DentalCam

The HD DentalCam represents the latest technology in intraoral cameras with an ergonomic design, high definition image quality and super bright LED illumination. Recognise cavities and plaque while visualising treatment success instantly. The ability to show ‘before and after’ comparison imagery makes this product an excellent documentation tool. No manual adjustments are necessary for the HD DentalCam as images are always in focus due to the wide depth of field. The ergonomic tip and a 77° field of view ensure access to the most difficult areas in the oral cavity with perfectly focused and exposed images every time.

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The intraoral high definition camera is a masterpiece in dental technology.

The high definition 16:9 sensor and precision optical system combine to provide unparalleled diagnostics and an efficient communication platform to the patient. Capable of producing exceptionally high quality intraoral images due to its maximised field of view, high intensity illumination and high definition sensor, the HD DentalCam is the perfect solution for any dental examination.





Features & benefits

  • CMOS technology HD camera
  • Clearer pictures
  • Portable interface – plug and play with USB port, no power supply needed
  • High brightness and high definition
  • Ultra wide angle, auto focusing
  • Ergonomic design
  • Circular and smooth ergonomic design
  • Hygienic, single use sleeves


CameraCMOS camera – 1280x720 pixel image size
Illumination6 bright white LEDs deliver 4000 Lux brightness
Focus Range 3mm-26mm
Field of View Angle77°
USB ConnectionDriver free (UVC) when used with Windows 7, 8, 10 and OSX 10 onwards
Size (without USB wire) 210mm x 25mm x 25mm
Weight (without USB wire) 52g
Length of USB Connection Wire3 metres
Operating Temperature5°C~40°C
Operating Relative Humidity 10%-85%
Operating Atmospheric Pressure 700~1060hPa

File 1: Product Sheet – Fussen HD DentalCam

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