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C-U2 - Intraoral HD Camera

CU-2 Intraoral Camera

Through ongoing research and development MyRay brings to you the new method of communicating and working. The portable, simple and fast C-U2 Intraoral HD Camera encompasses all technological reliability and is intuitive to use within any practice. It also simultaneously shows patients precise, sharp, clear images and footage of all aspects of a smile or a single tooth with maximum high resolution. CU-2 Intraoral Camera features include:

  • Very high quality intraoral images
  • Focus-free
  • Multifunction button with dynamic zoom control
  • Ergonomic tip with a 90° field of view
  • HD optical system
  • User friendly

The new C-U2 intraoral HD camera is fully compatible with all popular dental software in today’s market.

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Automatic focus-free

No manual adjustments are necessary for the C-U2 intraoral camera as images are always in focus due to the wide 5 to 70 mm depth of field.

Multifunction button with dynamic zoom control

Image zoom, scroll and acquisition free from vibrations. The simplicity of a track pad in just one button and automatic parameters for maximum comfort enabling superior intraoral imaging.

Ergonomic tip

9.5 mm thick, retroflex optics 8 mm away from the tip and a 90° field of view. The diffuse 360° back-lighting visualises the state of the handpiece under any condition of use proving to be unmatchable flexibility at any moment.

HD optical system

A high definition 16.9 sensor and precision optical system are combined to give new and increasingly efficient communications. Capable of producing exceptional high quality intraoral images due to its maximised field of view, 7 high purity glass lenses and diffused illumination with 8 LED’s.

Plug & play

With the digital video system (progressive scan) incorporated into the handpiece it is as easy as connecting the USB with WINDOWS or MAC and moving the camera around to gain the perfect image capture. Automatic on/off live video and still images are then easily captured and can be viewed by the patient during consultation. With the quick connection to your computer and software and ease of use, the C-U2 will always offers you the best results in the shortest time possible. For full examinations, maximum reliability, flexibility and perfect results all in one consultation.




System’s Minimal Requirements

Product Sheet – C-U2 – Intraoral HD Camera