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The KaVo OP3D unit is designed for advanced dental imaging needs. It is a complete X-ray platform that provides easy-to-use features throughout the entire dental imaging workflow. The versatile panoramic and 3D programs offer imaging excellence for a variety of users ranging from general dental practitioners to maxillofacial surgeons and airway specialists.

  • Designed for efficiency
  • Variety of resolutions
  • Four versatile fields-of-view (FOV)
  • Sustainable green solution
  • ORTHOselect™ for optimized workflow
  • Customized FOVs with SMARTVIEW™ 2.0
  • ORTHOfocus™ for sharp images
  • QUICKcompose™ feature for fast image review
  • Clearer images with MAR technology

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Sustainable Green Solution
The OP 3D replaces lead typically used for tubehead radiation shielding designs with a more ecological and environmentally friendly alternative that provides equivalent radiation attenuation. Plus, the power save feature of this system reduces overall energy consumption of the practice.

ORTHOselect™ for Optimized Workflow
The desired imaging area can be selected intuitively with the ORTHOselect user interface. Selections can be made as individual teeth, an entire upper or lower jaw, or TMJ. The optimum field-of-view (FOV) is set automatically based on the selection.

Customized FOVs with SMARTVIEW™ 2.0
With OP 3D, the number of FOV sizes is practically unlimited. SMARTVIEW 2.0 user interface enables choosing the most optimum FOV size for the clinical need as the FOV height and width can be freely adjusted from the taken scout image.

ORTHOfocus™ Sharp Images Automatically
With the ORTHOfocus feature, the optimum panoramic image layer is automatically obtained enabling forgiving patient positioning. The result is consistent image quality every time.

QUICKcompose™ for Fast Image Review
QUICKcompose, available for both panoramic and 3D modalities, offers a quick preview of the captured image allowing for timely evaluation.



Technical Specifications
Focal Spot0.5 mm IEC 336
Tube Voltage60 – 95 kV
Tube Current3.2 – 16 mA
Image DetectorCMOS
Sensor Pixel Size99 μm
Image Pixel Size99 μm
Scan Time9 s
Image Field Height147 mm
Image DetectorCMOS
Image Voxel Size80 μm – 400 μm
Scan Time10 – 20 s
Exposure Time1.2 – 9 s, pulsed X-ray
Image Volume Sizes (H x W)5 x 5, 6 x 9, 9 x 11, 9 x 14 cm
DICOM SupportYes
Minimum PC Requirements
Memory8 GB RAM or more
Hard Disk500 GB or more
Expansion SlotPCI Express x16, full length
Network Gigabit Ethernet, 1000Base-T
Power Supply500 watt minimum
Operating SystemWindows 7, Windows Vista or Windows 8 (64-bit)

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Implantology, Orthodontics