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OPG - OP2D (Instrumentarium)

OPG - OP2D (Instrumentarium)

Simple & Powerful Panoramic X-ray

The OP2D panoramic X-ray unit, by KaVo™, is designed for dental offices that demand a top system at a competitive price. The simple, yet powerful unit provides accurate patient positioning and high-quality images.

  • Easy image acquisition with one-of-a-kind image quality
  • Accurate patient positioning
  • Optimal patient support
  • Laser positioning lights
  • V-shaped collimation
  • Reduced radiation dose

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Accurate patient positioning
The OP2D follows the ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH® legacy with the patient positioning. It has the same stable 5-point patient positioning system to eliminate patient movement as well as three laser positioning lights to aid accurate positioning.

A standard panoramic system does not mean standard design
The KaVo OP2D combines distinctive design and reliable quality with professional tools for standard panoramic imaging needs.

All needed imaging programs available
OP2D is a simple yet powerful unit for every day imaging needs. All needed programs, Adult, Child, TMJ and Bitewing, are available. Patient positioning is intuitive and acquiring the image is simply through just selecting the imaging program and patient size. Professional software tools support efficient diagnosis.

User-friendly workflow
An optimal combination of technical features and technologies have been selected for OP2D. There is a user friendly touch screen for selecting the desired program and exposure and the OP2D offers an enhanced kV range and adjustable mA values.