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NEWTOM - RXDC Intraoral X-Ray

Maximum image quality, minimum dose for the patient. The RXDC intraoral X-ray unit provides always-sharp images, a full configuration range and the exclusive flexibility of wireless technology.

The compact tube-head features a long internal collimation of the X-ray beam, achieving a default 12” (30 cm) source-to-skin distance, which allows for more accurate images and diagnostic detail.

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Product Description

Precision imaging

The RXDC guarantees superior image quality with higher definition and lower dosage. The compact tube-head features a long internal collimation of the X-ray beam, achieving a default 12” (30 cm) source-to-skin distance, which allows for sharper images and vital diagnostic detail. Sharper images are obtained thanks to a 0.4 mm focal spot and the outstanding parallelism achieved via 12” (30 cm) embedded collimation.

Minimal radiation

Harmful, low-energy “soft” radiation (which is non-diagnostic), is almost completely eliminated. The constant potential high frequency X-ray generator together with the embedded 12” (30 cm) collimation increases X-ray parallelism, leading to better image quality and significantly lower X-ray dosage. The control unit records the dose to which the patient is exposed in mGy*cm2. The most appropriate combination of technical factors (kV, mA and exposure time) is automatically determined according to patient size and anatomic region of interest.

Simple wireless control

To acquire excellent images the handheld wireless digital control device can be attached to any available surface in the surgery. It offers a full range of intuitive exposure scenarios designed to make correct X-ray acquisition a straightforward process. There are no other wall-mounted or wired control panels to worry about.

Trolley-mounted version

For maximized mobility, the RXCD X-ray unit can be trolley-mounted. The practical trolley allows the X-ray unit to be moved anywhere in the surgery.


  • Superior diagnostic quality: High-resolution images obtained in just a few simple steps.
  • Advanced technology: High-frequency X-ray unit with 30cm source distance and 0.4mm focal spot. 
  • Minimal radiation dose: Due to rectangular collimation and ECO Mode parameters, the radiation exposure for the patient is minimal.
  • Versatile and easy to install: Easy, fast installation with multiple positioning options. Available as wall-mounted or trolley-mounted version.
RXDC X-Ray Unit 
GeneratorConstant potential, microprocessor-controlled
Working frequency145 - 230 KHz with self-adjustment (typically 175 KHz)
Focal spot0.4 mm (IEC 336)
Total filtration2.0 mm Al@ 70kV
Anode current4 / 8 mA
Voltage at X-ray tube60 / 65 / 70 kV (*)
Exposure times0.020 – 1.000 seconds, R’10 and R’20 scale
Source-skin distance20 and 30 cm
Irradiated fieldØ 55 mm and Ø 60 mm round
Additional collimators35 x 45 mm rectangular,
31 x 41 mm and
22 x 35 mm
Power supply50/60 Hz, 115-120Vac ±10% or 230-240Vac ±10%
Duty CycleContinuous operation with self-adjustment up to 1s/90s total
Arms (for Standard version only)Available in 3 lengths:
40 cm (15.7’’)
60 cm ( 23.6’’)
90 cm (35.4’’)
Max. arm extension 230 cm, from wall
CertificationCE 0051, FDA approved
VersionsStandard (wall mounted) or Mobile (on portable cart)

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