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Experience cutting-edge CBCT technology with NewTom 7G, the first multi-scan body CBCT for extensive clinical applications.

Suitable for radiologists and orthopaedics, otolaryngology and dental specialists, NewTom 7G lets you capture the most accurate information on bone tissue, microstructure included, to gain an in-depth understanding of the overall clinical picture.

With the patient lying down, the motor-powered table limits the risk of artifacts caused by uncontrolled movement. It also ensures simple and accurate alignment of FOVs. Furthermore, the 7G stands out due to its extremely low X-ray doses, which are always proportionated to patient build and clinical requirements.

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The first multi-scan body CBCT for extensive clinical applications

Healthcare facilities have to keep up with major demographic, social and technological changes, for instance higher life expectancy, which involves the need to provide care for older, sometimes heavily-built patients. They need to increase their care capacity without raising costs. At the same time, the demand for trauma-related and other specialised treatment is on the rise, especially in the field of sports medicine, which requires cutting-edge skills and instruments.

The pivotal role of X-ray imaging in handling these trends has led to the development of the NewTom 7G, an innovative Cone Beam CT multi-scan body system. For the very first time, Cone Beam technology can now be applied to all areas of the body, including the spine, shoulder and hip.


Optimal Lying Down Position

With the patient lying down, the motor-powered table limits the risk of artifacts caused by uncontrolled movement. It also ensures simple and accurate alignment of FOVs. Furthermore, the 7G stands out due to its extremely low X-ray doses, which are always in proportion to patient build and clinical requirements.

The large gantry opening increases the scope for diagnosis and is suitable for heavy patients up to 215kg. Openings on both sides prevent patients from experiencing claustrophobia, while access from the rear also allows use by wheelchair patients.


eXtra Functions

NewTom 7G has 15 FOVs and is extendable to 30 with eXtra Functions. These eXtra FOV function lets users extend the field of view longitudinally to analyse anatomical structures such as the spine and limbs, up to 17×62 cm and 29×56 cm. This is an automated protocol that, via patient table movement, groups together from 2 to 4 FOVs in sequence in a single exam. Multi-scan is automatic and can be modulated according to clinical requirements.


Specialist Software

A revolutionary interface makes image display easier and allows for formulation of an immediate diagnosis. Innovative 3D and 2D analysis functions allow pathologies to be identified quickly and accurately, thus optimising workflows whatever the field of application.


Sample Images can be seen below showing the clarity and resolution available from the Newtom 7G.

X-ray Source
TypeHigh frequency generator (constant potential DC), rotating-anode X-ray tube 20 kW (Rated Power)
Focal Spot0.3 mm - 0.6 mm (IEC 60336)
Total Filtration21 mm Al eq. @ 70kV (of which inherent Filtration 1 mm Al eq). @ 70kV)
Anode Voltage70 - 120 kV (selectable in 10 kV steps)
Anode CurrentFocal spot 0.3 mm → 5 - 54 mA (selectable in 1 mA steps)
Focal spot 0.6 mm → 55 - 120 mA*(selectable in 1 mA steps)
Maximum Continuous Anode Input Power120W (120kV; 5mA; 8ms; 17x17; REGULAR)
TechnologyAmorphous silicon flat panel (CsI)
Pixel Size154 µm
Dynamic Range16 bit (65,536 grey levels)
Power Supply
Voltage | Frequency230 V ~ (± 10%) | 50/60 Hz (± 1%)
Maximum Power Absorption16 A
Absorbed Current 2 A (stand by)
Large GantryAperture 77 cm (30”)
On-machine Console2 or 4 10" full touch screens that can be positioned right or left, front or rear
Examination SelectionProtocols can be personalised via the on-machine console or from a PC workstation
Patient Table220 cm long, 45 cm wide (with soft folding mattress)
Patient Table Load Capacity215 kg (200 kg patient + 15 kg accessories)
Patient PositioningProne or Supine; Decubitus Right or Left; with Head or Feet facing forwards
Patient AlignmentServo-assisted + 3 Laser guides (Class 1 - IEC 60825-1)
- 3D: 4x Scout View; XF Pack: 4x Scout view
- CineX: 1 ScoutView
Patient PositioningSoft head cushion and stability bands plus other dedicated radio-transparent supports.
Head rest can be adjusted from 0 to 45°, with carbon fibre support and cushion.
Adjustments3-axis, 2-speed powered patient table:
Control on board machine.
Longitudinal excursion:
0 cm - 148 cm | Vertical: 57.5 cm - 88 cm | Lateral: -10.8cm - +10.8 cm
ConnectionsLAN / Ethernet
SoftwareNewTom NNT and iPad NNT viewer app, STL (RealGUIDE)
Supported ProtocolsDICOM 3.0, TWAIN, VDDS, CLOUD sharing (RealGUIDE)
DICOM NodesIHE compliant
Installation Requirements
Maximum Dimensions
(L x D x H)
complete with optional components
Scanning units:
2050 mm x 1070 mm x 2083 mm - (80,7” x 42” x 82”)
Patient table:
2200 mm x 888 mm x 895 mm - (86,6” x 34,9” x 35,2”)
Package Dimensions
(L x D x H)
Scanning units:
2200 mm x 1417 mm x 2207 mm - (87” x 56” x 87”)
Patient table:
2450 mm x 1130 mm x 1100 mm - (96,5“ x 44,5“ x 43,5”)
Weight with PackagingScanning units: 1020 kg (2249 lb)
Patient table: 590 kg (1300 lb)
AccessoriesCine-Scout Pack
Minimum Space Requirement (L x D)Footprint: 3938 mm x 2050 mm (155” x 80.7 “)
Room: 5000 mm x 4000 mm

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ENT, Radiology

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  1. Mike

    The Newtom 7G is an amazing machine that has revolutionised our radiology practice. We are no longer limited to head and next CBCT but have full body scanning options in a single, low dose solution.

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