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NEWTOM - IOS 3D Intraoral Scanner

Experience ergonomics, precision and versatility with the NewTom IOS intraoral scanner. It comes with the latest 3D scanning technology and is extremely lightweight. The IOS is suitable for integration with all other NewTom devices.

The scanner’s digital impression is extremely accurate and immediately available for the subsequent treatment phases. Digital scanning avoids manual impression taking and reduces patient discomfort, since it requires no invasive actions.

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Product Description

Active stereo imaging

NewTom IOS relies on a modern, patented evolution version of the Active Stereo Imaging technology, now universally established in various fields of application of 3D imaging. Active Stereo Imaging includes two high definition colour cameras with a central projector for improved image accuracy.

Colour scanning

The 3D model is displayed in a matter of instants. The obtained image is extremely detailed, with vivid and realistic colours.


2D Video camera

NewTom IOS also allows high-resolution photos to be taken and automatically saved and shared with the dental technicians’ lab.



Application fields

The IOS covers many treatment areas and is ideal for dental surgeries aiming to offer excellence in dental care. Not only can it be utilized for creating prostheses and orthodontic devices, but it is also very useful in implantology and guided surgery.



  • Precision: Two high-resolution cameras together with NewTom’s innovative NNT software guarantee always excellent results. With Active Stereo Imaging and Fire Fusion, each impression is accurate down to the smallest details.
  • Ergonomics: At just 150 grams, the handpiece of NewTom IOS ensures outstanding ergonomics and performance.
  • Versatility: The IOS covers many treatment areas and is ideal for dental surgeries aiming to offer excellence in dental care. Application areas are Prosthetic and Conservative dentistry, Orthodontics, Guided surgery and Prosthetic implants.
  • NNT Connectivity: NewTom IOS allows for real-time interaction with the dental technicians’ lab and, thanks to 3D CBCT data, helps users to plan optimized project strategies.
  • Lightweight: Weighing just 150 grams, the IOS is easy to handle and causes no discomfort for the patient.
  • Anti-fogging system: The IOS has an internal ventilation circuit that prevents prism fogging.
  • Adjustable tip: For easy scanning of the upper and lower arches, the scanner tip is rotatable without having to change the handle.
  • Scanning button: A scan can be started and stopped directly from the hand piece via a special button.

Surface preparation Without de-lustre powder
Rendering viewingColour
Scanning principleActive Stereo Imaging
Scan depthFrom 0 to 15 mm
Handpiece dimensions (L x D x H) 265 x 45 x 45 mm
Base dimensions (L x D x H)193 x 99 x 72 mm
Handpiece weight150 g
Handpiece-base lead1.8 m
Power supply100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
PC connection1 x USB 3.0
TipRemovable in autoclavable biocompatible polymer
Outgoing file formatSTL, PLY, OBJ
Touch Screen interface Yes
Implant scanYes
Bi-Lateral vestibular scanYes
3D measurementsYes
Scan correction Yes
Recommended system requirements
Processor≥ 4 Core Intel i7 ≥ 2.1 Ghz clock or higher
Video board NVIDIA GeForce GTX ≥ 1070/RTX* ≥2060
USB1 USB 3.0 port + 1 USB port
Operating systemWindows 10 (not Windows 10 S)
StandardNewTom IOS Intraoral Scanner
3 autoclavable tips
2 m USB 3.0 cable
100-240 V power supply
NewTom IOS software
OptionalAutoclavable 3-tips pack

File 1: Product Sheet – NewTom IOS 3D Intraoral Scanner


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