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Now upgradable to CEPH!

QR Systems in Italy, the inventors of CBCT technology, now offer dentists an extraordinary opportunity with the release of their NewTom GO 2D/3D with cephalometric option. This new addition to the Newtom family is the smallest OPG/CBCT unit on the market – perfect for surgeries looking to adopt a compact, reliable and high performance 2D/3D unit at an affordable price.

The NewTom GO is combining the best 2D performance with the latest 3D technology, quick and easy-to-use, with superior image quality and real-time diagnostics.

With ECO Dose (2D ECO Pan, 3D ECO Scan protocols) and SafeBeam™, the Newtom GO automatically regulates the exposure during each scan to produce exceptional images every times while safeguarding patient health.

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Features - 2D

The NewTom 2D Outlook

NewTom Go is a technological device designed for dental practices that require an easy-to-use, innovative, reliable product that guarantees only the very best diagnostic results.

  • High quality diagnosis: Self-adaptive focusing and filters deliver always-perfect diagnostic results.
  • Patient health: The ECO-PAN protocol and SafeBeam™ technology reduce exposure times and eliminate that risk of over-estimated dosage.
  • Immediate diagnosis: Accurate, patient-guided positioning and ultra-fast scanning are yours at the touch of a button.
  • Quick installation: Simple, fast, intelligent installation ensures NewTom GO is ready to go immediately.

The Best of 2D Imaging

NewTom GO ensures fast, simple, complete 2D diagnostics. Up to 22 programs allow the 2D examination to be set up according to the specific stage and requirements of treatment. NNT software uses innovative autoadaptive panoramic imagery to provide a view that is always optimal and optimised. In addition, the MultiPAN function allows selection of different focal planes, ensuring images are perfectly suited to diagnostic needs.


All The Potential of NewTom 2D/3D

Image quality is an indispensable factor in making a secure diagnosis. That’s why NewTom invest in innovation that leads to solutions of ever-higher performance. NewTom GO features advanced acquisition technology, ensuring images of outstanding quality. In addition, specific algorithms and protocols ensure optimal focusing and excellent detail.

  • NewTom diagnostic quality: Cutting-edge image acquisition technology and advanced NNT software guide the dentist towards precise, accurate diagnosis.
  • Minimum X-ray doses: The ECO Dose (2D ECO Pan, 3D ECO Scan protocols) and SafeBeam™ functions allow emissions to be adapted to effective diagnostic needs, thus safeguarding patient health.
  • Certain results:Device ergonomics and software efficiency ensure perfect results every time whatever the diagnostic requirements.
  • Complete connectivity: Images can be exported and shared, both inside and outside the surgery, for digital storage and treatment implementation purposes.

Advanced 3D Diagnostics

NewTom GO provides highly detailed 1:1 scale volumetric images and all the advantages of dynamic 3D investigation. Eight FOVs and 4 acquisition modes place no less than 32 3D programs at the user’s disposal. The Adaptive FOV system lets users select the region of interest from the completed limited-volume 10×10 cm field to reduce that exposed area. Four different scan modes (high or very high resolution, low or very low X-ray dose) all emissions to be adapted to effective diagnostic needs.

A few sample Images can be seen below showing the clarity and resolution available from the Newtom GO 2D/3D.

A few sample Images can be seen below showing the clarity and resolution available from the Newtom GO 2D/3D.

The optional integration of the teleradiographic arm extends the diagnostic capacity of GO 2D/3D to cephalometric examinations. The compact arm, complete with dedicated CEPH sensor, has long and short head support rods to make positioning of adults and children easier. Collimation systems and fast scans minimise X-ray doses.

To ensure accurate diagnoses in every situation it is vital to observe procedures that ensure images are always sharp and clear. GO 2D/3D has a single native 16-bit sensor that produces 2D and 3D images with thousands of grey levels. Image quality is ensured by advanced algorithms and protocols and by high-tech image sequencing. The high frequency, pulsed-emission generator adjusts exposure to obtain the best scans with a minimum dose.

Moreover, the cephalometric exam collimation system is based on automatic movement of the turret, which rotates and lowers the sensor, creating an opening for the X-rays directed at the 2D sensor on the teleradiographic arm.

NewTom GO 2D/3D – Overview and demonstration video


NewTom GO 2D/3D – Guided acquisition procedure for panoramic exams


NewTom GO 2D/3D – Guided acquisition procedure for TMJ exams

TypeComplete or partial adult and child panoramic*, QuickPAN Orthogonal Panoramic, MultiPAN, Dentition, Bitewing*, Frontal and Lateral (right and left) maxillary sinuses, Temporomandibular Joint (2 x Lateral + 2 x Frontal) open and closed mouth. AP-PA, LL Standard, Long, Quick, Carpal teleradiography.
Complete examination of the 2 arches in a single scan for adults and children (reduced collimation). Studies of the maxillary region with maxillary sinuses. Studies localized to region of interest.
Maximum resolution (MTF10) PAN: 5 LP/mm
CEPH: 3 LP/mm
Best quality: ≥ 2 LP/mm
Voxel 80 μm (minimum section thickness)
Field of view (mm)PAN: 210 (length) x 115 (height)
CEPH: 258 (length) x 194 (height)
PAN Child: 180 (length) x 100 (height)
Dentition: 140 (length) x 10 (height)
Bitewing: 167 (length) x 70 (height)
DENT and SIN: 100 (diameter) x 100 (height)
100 (diameter) x 70 (height)
100 (diameter) x 60 (height)
80 (diameter) x 70 (height)
80 (diameter) x 60 (height)
80 (diameter) x 100 (height)
60 (diameter) x 70 (height)
60 (diameter) x 60 (height)
Maximum image data dimensions PAN: 7.5 MB (single image)
720 MB
MagnificationPAN 1.2 - 1.3
CEPH 1.13
1 to 1 (Isotropic voxel)
Scan time PAN: 13.8 s (ORTO), 12.3s (STD.), 6.8s (ECO)
CEPH: 9.9 s (STD); 3.7s (ECO)
BEST QUALITY: 16.8s (High Resolution)
REGULAR: 11.2s (Standard)
ECO: 6.4s (Low Dose)
Estimate of typical effective dose (ICRP 103)PAN: 5 - 9 μSvFOV: 10x10 | 35 μSv (Voxel 160 μm) - 80 μSv (Voxel 80 μm)
FOV: 6x6 | 9 μSv (Voxel 160 μm) - 27 μSv (Voxel 80 μm)
Minimum image display timesRealTime 15 s
Advanced filters aPAN (Auto adaptive PAN)
ApT (Autoadaptive Picture Treatments)
aMAR (Autoadaptive Metal Artifact Removal)
3D PAN & 3D Pan-Ceph 
Focal Spot 0.6 mm (IEC 60336)
Anode Voltage2D mode: 60 kV – 85 kV continuous emission
3D mode: 90 kV (Pulsed mode)
Inherent Filtration 2D > 2,5 mm Al eq. (at 85 kV)
3D 6 mm Al eq. (at 90 kV)
Generator Type Constant potential (DC)
Anode Current4 mA - 15 mA
Exposure ControlSafeBeamTM
Maximum Continuous Anode Input Power 42 W (1:20 at 85 kV/10 mA)
Embedded X-ray Shielding Behind ReceptorReceptor IEC60601-1-3 compliant
Function3D et PAN
Type Amorphous Silicon (CSI)
Dynamic range 16bit (65,535 grey levels)
14bit (16,383 grey levels)
Examination Selection Procedure guided from virtual control panel on PC and/or iPad
Patient Positioning Suggestion from virtual control panel - Servo-assisted alignment, 3 laser guides (3D Scout View)
Patient Positioning 5 contact point, adjustable 3D/2D version right/left
Adjustments2-speed height adjustment drive Keypad on machine and/or iPad app
Servo-assisted alignment: Keypad on machine or remote control (via Scout View)
Other FunctionsMultilingual, parking position, remote control
NotesEasy access for patients in wheelchairs
ConnectionsLAN / Ethernet
Software NewTom NNT and App iPad NNTviewer (Free)
Supported Protocols DICOM 3.0, TWAIN, VDDS
DICOM NodesIHE compliant (Print; Storage Commitment; WorkList MPPS; Query Retrieve)
App iPad Virtual control panel for the device and the NNT 2D viewer
Minimum Space Requirement (L x D) CEPH version: 1785 mm x 1030 mm
Package Dimensions (L) x (P) x (H) in mm
Box1: 930 x 690 x 960 (Machine Base)
Box2: 1860 x 355 x 350 (Column on the ground)
Box3: 575 x 1275 x 380 (Teleradiographic Arm)
Weight 3D/2D version: 93.5 Kg (251 lb) + CEPH: 21 kg (46 lb)
Accessories Free standing base
Power Supply
Voltage | Frequency 115 – 240 V single-phase | 50 / 60 Hz
Maximum Absorbed Surge Current20 A at 115 V; 12 A at 240 V
Current Absorption in Standby Mode Maximum 0.5 A (240 V); 1 A (115 V)
NotesAutomatic adaptation for voltage and frequency

File 1: Product Sheet – NewTom GO 2D/3D

File 2: Brochure – NewTom GO 2D/3D 

File 3: Wall mounted NewTom Go perfect for Dr Swift


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