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Xray CBCT - NewTom 5G XL

The NewTom 5G XL is the only CBCT with the patient in a lying down position that guarantees a combination of minimum X-ray exposure and unparalleled 3D image definition. It also allows 2D and X-ray video imaging. NewTom has now exceeded the limits posed by CT systems.

This perfect combination of performance ensures maximum results.

  • The positioning and lock device has specifically been designed for the various dental and medical disciplines.
  • The user-friendly control panel allows for easy 3-axis movement of the patient table, allowing easy patient entry into the scan area.
  • The alignment lasers activated via the instrument panel provide exact references for the area of interest.
  • Assisted alignment occurs via the acquisition of two scout images. Correct positioning is ensured by automatic adjustment of the motorized patient table by acting directly on scout images from the workstation.

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Better Diagnostic Quality

Maximum-definition 3D examinations with multiple FOVs and 2D examinations. The first CBCT with a wide native 21×19 cm FOV that allows for thorough examination of tissues. New performance levels allow for targeted diagnoses in a range of disciplines such as orthopaedics, otorhinolaryngology, maxillofacial surgery and dentistry.

Optimal Lying Down Position

The only CBCT system with the patient positioned lying down, a motorized patient table and an open gantry. Considerable reduction of movement-induced artifacts thanks to perfect patient stability at all times.

Newtom 5G XL

Specialist Software

A revolutionary interface makes image display easier and allows for formulation of an immediate diagnosis. Innovative 3D and 2D analysis functions allow pathologies to be identified quickly and accurately, thus optimising workflows whatever the field of application.

Newtom 5G XL

Minimum X-ray doses

EcoScan and SafeBeam™ modes safeguard patient health further by allowing diagnostic examinations to be performed with extremely low X-ray emissions. Native CBCT technology emits effective X-ray doses up to 10 times lower compared to CT, but with better diagnostic quality for bone tissues.

A few sample Images can be seen below showing the clarity and resolution available from the Newtom 5G XL.

File 1 Product Sheet – NewTom 5G XL

File 2 Technical Brochure – NewTom 5G XL

File 3 Testimonial – Macquarie University Hospital and MMI opt for NewTom 5G

File 4 Published paper – Prof Jan Casselman on medical applications for cone beam Imaging

File 5 Research paper – The capabilities of CBCT in assessment of the knee joint

File 6 Research paper – Detection of bone erosions with CBCT

File 7 Research paper – Opportunities of CBCT in diagnostics of wrist pathology

File 8 Research paper – CBCT in assessment of changes of distal extremities




Implantology, Orthodontics