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Service Contracts

The experienced team.

With over 20 years of servicing the medical & dental sectors in Australia and New Zealand, we understand the support needs of small surgeries through to radiology clinics and large hospitals. Our highly qualified team of factory trained engineers and customer support staff are here to help when you need it and to make sure that your job and your patients are our number one priority.

We offer our support options in an easy to understand format shown below and our team are ready to assist whichever option you choose.

Service Levels

Each new piece of equipment is delivered & installed with a one year of Platinum service free of charge.

We offer five different levels of service after the initial 12-months:

  • BRONZE:                    Remote Assistance
  • SILVER:                       Onsite Service excluding Travel
  • GOLD:                        Onsite Service including Travel
  • PLATINUM:                 Onsite Service including Travel & Limited Extended Warranty
  • PLATINUM PLUS:       Onsite Service including Travel & Full Extended Warranty

ISO Certification

The team at INLINE are proud to be ISO-9001 certified and to work with the framework to continually improve our business processes and most importantly, our level or professional support to our customers.

Contract Options Available