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SurgiTel Loupes & Headlights

1 January, 2020

SurgiTel are pleased to announce the appointment of Dentalise as the new distributor of the Loupes & Headlight products for Australia and New Zealand.

Effectively 1 January, 2020 Dentalise will be taking over both the Sales & Service of SurgiTel products.

For all repairs including Warranty and Non Warranty, these will all be handled by Dentalise, so please contact them with your requirements.

Contact details:

Address:    PO Box 2080, Runcorn QLD 4113

Mobile:  David: +61 0451 886 118    Jun:  +61 0421 125 153   Kaelyn:  +61 0435 624 780




Inline ceases selling SurgiTel Loupes & Headlights

19 August, 2019

Effective immediately, Inline Systems will cease distributing Surgitel Loupes & Headlight products in Australia and New Zealand.

Inline has been the exclusive distributor of Surgitel products in Australia & New Zealand for the past 12 years. After a successful partnership, Inline have decided to take a different business direction and will now cease selling the Surgitel range of products.

Mike Harman, Managing Director of Inline Systems said, “we have enjoyed working with SurgiTel over the years. I personally think the products are amazing and will be sad to relinquish the strong relationship we have built over the last decade”.

A new distributor has yet to be appointed and announced by SurgiTel.  We understand both existing customers and new customers may have a number of questions.  We have addressed some of them below.



I have recently made an enquiry about purchasing loupes or am interested in purchasing loupes.  What will happen?


Due to the highly customised nature of loupes which requires the individual customer to be measured, we are unable to take any new orders going forward. Your enquiry will be passed onto SurgiTel directly. You can also make contact to register your interest with SurgiTel in the United States by emailing them directly at SURGITEL  They will then be able to put you in touch with their new distributor for your area once they are announced in the future.


I have Surgitel Loupes and/or headlights that I have purchased from Inline recently or in the past.  Will my warranty be covered?  Who do I contact for service and repairs going forward?


Nothing will change on this front.  Your warranty will be covered by us as per the length of the warranty originally offered at the point of sale. We will continue to offer support and repairs to our existing customers both for claims under warranty and out of warranty repairs also. Our dedicated service department at our Warriewood NSW office will continue to service SurgiTel products with onsite support staff and spare parts kept in our local inventory to serve our existing customers. To find out more about warranty and support click HERE.


Who is the new distributor going to be? When will they be announced and how can I contact them?  How should I proceed with my decision-making process if I need to purchase loupes soon?


At this stage, no announcement has been made by SurgiTel with regards to who will take up the distribution of SurgiTel products in Australia & New Zealand going forward.  We currently have no concrete timeframe as to when this will occur. If you have a requirement to purchase loupes in the near-term as a matter of priority and cannot wait, we recommend looking at other suitable alternatives in the market if possible. Otherwise, you can also register your interest with SurgiTel in the United States by emailing them directly at SURGITEL. They will then be able to put you in touch with their new distributor for your area once they are announced.




Thank you for your loyal support of Surgitel Loupes, over these past 12 years.


Mike Harman

Managing Director