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Customer Reviews

NewTom 5G – Choice Of Legends, Sydney Dental Hospital

Living legend of dentistry, Dr Malcolm Coombs, has retired from his official duties after a career spanning six decades. Dr Coombs, a specialist oral surgeon, has been at the forefront of dental radiology for much of his career, having driven innovation at the Sydney Dental Hospital and elsewhere, influencing and educating generations of undergraduate dentists as well as specialists in training.

NewTom 5G – Dr John Magnussen, Macquarie Medical Imaging, NSW

“When we set up a new facility like this one, we look to incorporate state-of-the-art equipment for each imaging modality . . . We want the most versatile, highest resolution and lowest dose options available for our patients and heavily research the best equipment in each product sector. We also particularly like the 5G because it allows the patient to be positioned horizontally which, from a radiologists perspective, greatly increases its versatility.”

NewTom VGi evo – Dr David Dunn, Macquarie Street Centre, NSW

“The NewTom VGi has the highest resolution of any cone beam imaging system currently available . . . Having been involved in implant therapy now for several decades, I believe CBCT technology – with its diagnostic capability, convenience and integration with treatment planning software and other digital technologies – is simply a must have in providing uncompromised results for my patients today.”

NewTom Go 3D – Dr Craig Swift, Bexley North, NSW

“We’ve recently installed a NewTom GO CBCT system from Inline Medical and Dental and we couldn’t be happier. My practice is physically quite small, with one treatment room and we never had space for an OPG unit, let alone a CBCT system. The NewTom GO, however, changed that. It’s compact and wall-mounted and fits perfectly in the surgery . . . Overall, the NewTom GO gives me a greater level of treatment predictability and ensures every case is done right. It helps me to do a better job and having it in the practice is very convenient. Now that I have it, I wouldn’t want to practice dentistry without it.”

NewTom Giano- Dr Peter Mansour, Bella Dental Care, NSW

“We use the NewTom Giano for diagnosing and planning implant cases, wisdom teeth extractions, orthodontics and endodontics . . . It’s fast becoming the new standard of care in several areas of dentistry and once you have one in your own practice, it quickly becomes an indispensable tool.”

NewTom Giano – Dr Clem Malouf, Earlwood Dental Services, NSW

“As a clinician, I was surprised at the images the system produces. The clarity, quality and reliability of the images really takes you aback – there are none of the grey or questionable areas you get with film. Everything is so clear. When you can see with confidence anterior and posterior arches in true focus, you know you have a very powerful tool for a whole of dentition diagnosis. Patients also look at the image and go WOW! Diagnosis and treatment planning becomes so much easier and engaging patients in their treatment is now a very simple process. You can take images that the patient can see and understand and that motivates them. Patients take a whole mouth view rather than focussing on an individual tooth. They switch into total mouth mode and we can foresee where the future problems are. It is clear that this is what patients want.”

NewTom Giano – Dr David Leong & Dr Angela McCarthy, Erko Dental, NSW

“The level of diagnostic information it returns is simply amazing. There is just so much detail. Looking at images in 3D gives you a completely new perspective and you see so much more than on a traditional radiograph . . . The CBCT scan takes all the guesswork out of it and gives you certainty.”

NewTom VGi-evo- Dr Peter Anderson, Martin Place Dental, NSW

“I can already see that this is one of the best technologies I’ve ever used in dentistry and I can now get clinical images that allow me to make a definitive diagnosis . . . There is exceptional clarity in the images – you can pick up root fractures, multi-rooted teeth, accessory canals and other complex anatomy . . . There is no more guesswork.”