The Snakeye Pole Camera is a Lightweight, modular and portable video inspection system that lets your eyes travel where you can’t. Combining a removable CCD camera and separate TFT-LCD display technology it delivers a crystal clear picture, full color video at a fraction of the price of current remote video inspection systems.


  • Modular in design and can be easily configured to inspect behind most areas you cannot see or are difficult to
    get to.

  • Achieves its versatility with an interchangeable camera head that can be attached to a rigid wand or a finger attachment and extendable cables and extendable poles.

  • Designed to function in harsh industrial environments.

  • Constructed of high impact, heavy duty plastic that can withstand shock & vibration.

  • Waterproof, dust and dirt proof and can be used where grease and non-solvent based chemicals are present.

  • Light weight, compact display unit (less than 2 lbs.) housing a high resolution (640 x 480) full color 5” TFT-LCD display and rechargeable battery pack.

  • Display Screen has a built in protective, plastic cover and can be electronically rotated to maintain proper image orientation for the viewer.

  • Designed for easy one-handed operation, the display unit contains all the function control push buttons and has its own waterproofing kit.

  • Power On/Off, camera Head Light On/Off for operating in low light conditions and brightness adjustment to see better in bright light conditions.

  • Equipped with a full range of accessories and also saves your still photos into a thumbnail library to a removable SD card with date time stamp information for each photo taken. Required outdoor accessories for the Pole Camera are the display shield and neck strap.

ISO9001 Quality Certified: Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.

ISO9001 Quality Certified
Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.