SnakeEye is a low-cost hand held remote video inspection system. It's lightweight, modular and portable design allows its operator to take it anywhere to carry out inspections. SnakeEye "lets your eyes travel where you can't." Combining a CCD camera and TFT-LCD display technology, SnakeEye delivers crystal-clear, full color video at a fraction of the price of current remote video inspection systems.

SnakeEye is modular in design so that it can be easily configured to inspect ... behind walls, inside ceilings, in and around pipes and machinery, under vehicles and aircraft, inside engine compartments, behind computer equipment, underneath automobile dashboards · the possible uses are endless. SnakeEye is ideal for quick, non-destructive, qualitative inspections in hard-to-reach places.

Let your eyes travel where you can't !

SnakeEye achieves its versatility with an interchangeable camera head that can be attached to a rigid wand, a ring finger attachment or extendible cables. SnakeEye™ comes equipped with a full range of accessories and also has plug-in capabilities, one of which allows the user to connect to a standard VCR to record and playback images.

Snakeeye II

SnakeEye is designed to function in harsh industrial and commercial environments and is constructed of high impact, heavy duty plastic that can withstand shock and vibration. SnakeEye™ resists water, dust, and dirt particles and can also be used where grease and non-solvent based chemicals are present.

Snakeeye II Display

Hand Held Display Unit

SnakeEye's lightweight, compact display unit (less than 2 lbs.) houses a high resolution (320 x 234) full color 5" TFT-LCD display and rechargeable battery pack. The display screen has a built-in protective, plastic cover and can be rotated to maintain proper image orientation for the viewer.

Designed for easy one-handed operation, the display unit contains three color-coded push button controls: Power On/Off, Camera Head Light On/Off for operating in low light conditions, and Brightness Adjustment to see better in bright light conditions.

Snakeeye ports
Two ports at the base of the display unit allow for additional plug-in capabilities: Video In/Out connects to a standard VCR for image recording and playback, AC/DC adapter and 12 volt auto adapter allow for continuous non-battery power operation.

Articulating Camera Head

Removable Camera Head

SnakeEye is equipped with a high speed CCD color camera with built-in LED illumination that delivers clear images in low light conditions, constant image clarity with variable object distance and minimum image distortion. The camera head contains four white LED's, which are controlled by the Camera Head Light button on the display unit. The water resistant camera head is 1" in diameter and is ruggedized for optimum performance in harsh environmental conditions. When used in combination with the rigid wand, the camera head can be vertically articulated up to 90°.

Interchangeable Camera Head Adapters

SnakeEye incorporates a series of fully interchangeable camera head adapters to allow for multiple uses. A 4' Superflex Cable connects the display unit to the rigid wand and the ring adapter.


Rigid Wand Adapter

The SnakeEye Rigid Wand Adapter is 18" long and contains a SureGrip handle as well as a swivel feature that allows the user to vertically articulate the camera up to 90°. The rigid wand configuration is designed to insert the camera into hard to reach spaces such as overhead air ducts and behind walls

Ring Adapter

Ring Adapter

The SnakeEye Ring Adapter literally puts the camera on the user's finger. The ring adapter is designed to provide finger tip control of the camera in hard to see but reachable spaces such as underneath automobile dashboards and any place your hand can reach but your vision is obstructed.

Extension Cable Adapters

Extension Cable Adapters

SnakeEye extension cable adapters are comprised of heavy duty, plastic coated cable designed for use in harsh environments. These extension cables are available in multiple lengths and are suited for deep insertions such as chimney, pipe, and tank inspections

Power System

Power System

SnakeEye comes equipped with a rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride battery pack and charger. The battery pack provides up to 2 hours of continuous operation. In addition to an On/Off control, SnakeEye™'s power management system contains a Brightness control that optimizes battery life, a Low Battery Indicator that alerts the user when 20% of the battery power is remaining, and an Auto Shut-Off feature when the battery voltage falls too low.

Carrying Case

Carrying Case

SnakeEye is packaged in a lightweight briefcase style Carrying Case (20" x 16" x 6") for easy portability. Its rugged plastic composition is designed to withstand harsh treatment while protecting the unit.

Kit Contents

  • 5 in (12.7cm) Color VGA LCD
  • LED Colour Camera Head
  • Rigid 48cm Wand
  • Finger Camera Adapter
  • 4 ft (1.2m) Cable
  • NiMH Batteries (2)
  • Battery Charger Cradle
  • AC Adapter
  • DC Auto Cigarette Adapter
  • Carrying Transport Case


The following accessories are available to extend the range and utility of the SnakeEye remote video inspection system:

  • C-Mount camera
  • IR camera (1 lux @ F 1.8; 0 lux if IR LEDs on; with 25º field of view)
  • 3ft. (.96m) gooseneck adapter
  • 30ft (10m) and 100ft (30m) extension cables
  • EnergyBox extended life NiMH 10 hour wearable battery pack
  • Telescoping poles ( 2-4ft, 4 -7ft, 6-11ft, and 8-12ft)
  • Carbon composite adjustable telescopic, articulating pole 1.6m - 3.6m
  • 3 ft (1m) rigid articulating wand
  • Sun shield, Neck strap, spare NiMH battery pack (2)
  • SnakeEye weatherproof carry bag

Display Specifications

Display Size5 in(12.7cm) color TFT-LCD
Resolution320 x 234 color pixels
AdjustmentRotating display
Hand GripAdjustable hand strap
Image BrightnessThree level camera light control low-med-high + off
PowerExternal power port
PortsVideo I/O port
Water resistantYes

CCD Camera Specifications

Diamter1.1 in (27.9mm) diameter
Length1.92 in (48.8mm) length
Sensitivity2 lux @F3.5
ResolutionCCD total pixels 771 x 492 (NTSC)
Field of view 45 degrees
Depth of field 1.5in (38.1mm) to inf.
Illumination4 white LEDs - 3 levels of brightness
Waterproof Down to 100 ft. (33m)

ISO9001 Quality Certified: Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.

ISO9001 Quality Certified
Inline Systems is committed to providing professional and superior service.